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Past Awards

George W. Yancey Memorial Award Winners

1963  S. Burns Weston, A Defense Lawyer Looks At Products Liability and Res Ipsa Loquitur
1964  Wallace E. Sedgwick, Products Liability:  Trial Problems in Warranty Case
1965  Michael L. Kinney, The Interstate Aviation Accident – What Law Governs
1966  Willis Smith, Jr., Form Interrogatories in Personal Injury Actions
1967  Franklin J. Marryott, A Practical Framework for Examining Proposals for Changes in the Tort System for Handling Automobile Accident Cases
1968  J. Harry LaBrum, Jurisdiction and Conflict of Laws in Torts and Other Cases
1969  David W. Robinson and Paul H. Due, Advance Payment Problems in Practice and Procedure
1970  James Donaldson, The Uninsured Motorist Policy
1971  Crawford W. Morris, Response to Ribicoff-Malpractice Suits vs. Patient Care
1972  Robert R Hume, Fidelity and Surety Law – 1970
1973  Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr., Informed Consent:  A Right to Know
1974  Michael O. Sutton, Today’s Long-Arm and Products Liability:  A Plea for a Contemporary Notion of Fair Play and Substantial Justice
1975  James H. Russell, Aircraft/Airport Noise:  Current Legal Remedies and Future Alternatives
1976  David J. Beck, The Defense of an Environmental Lawsuit Between Private Litigants
1977  James A. Dixon, Jr., The Continuing Erosion of Bisso-Waiver of Subrogation and Benefit of Insurance Clauses
1978  James H. Scheid and Edward Pl Papalia, Jr., Resisting the Irresistible:  Defending a Products Liability Cast
1979  Robert R. Hume, The Buffeting of the Subrogation Rights of the Construction Contract Bond Surety by United States v. Muncie Trust Co
1980  Edward C. German and Michael D. Gallagher, Allocation of the Duties of the Defense Between Carrier Providing Coverage to the Same Insured
1981  Dennis J. Wall, Bad Faith, Excess Liability Action By or Against Excess Insurers
1982  R. Crawford Morris, Professional Interface: Doctors vs. Lawyers
1983  Elaine Galler Levines, Contracting Problems in the Computer Industry
1984  Michel A. Coccia, Uniform Product Liability Legislation:  A Proposed Federal Solution
1985  R. Crawford Morris, The Power and the Glory
1986  Ronald E. Mallen, A New Definition of Insurance Defense Counsel
1987  John E. Hughes, III, The Excessive Fines Clause – Its Role in the constitutional Attack on ‘Bad Faith’ Punitive Awards
1988  Richard L. Antognini, The Revolution in Reinsurance and Excess Coverage:  Defense Counsel Beware!
1989  Robert E. Scott, Jr. and Denise A. Greig, Medical Product and Drug Causation:  How to Prove It and Defend Against It
1990  Michael A. Pope, Excess Insurance in the 1990’s:  From Back Room to Center State
1991  Thomas W. Hyland and Andrea E. Forman, The Attorney-client Privilege in the Corporate Setting
1992  Richard L. Neumeier, Civil Rights Act of 1991:  What Does It Do? Is It Retroactive?
1993  David A. McIntosh, U.K. Perspective on Problems Faced by Counsel in Insurance Cases
1994  William T. Barker, Combining Insurance and Self Insurance:  Issues for Handling Claims
1995  Barry B. Cepelewicz and Eric Watt Wiechmann, Genetic Injury in Toxic Tort Cases:  What Science Can and Cannot Prove
1996  Donald Patterson, The Citadel Reburied:  Restatement of Law Third Torts:  Products Liability
1997  Ian Gallacher, Bruce R. Parker and Donald L. DeVries, Jr., Back to the Future? Product Liability Class Actions and Proposed Rule 23 Changes
1998  Bruce R. Parker, Understanding Epidemiology and its Use in Drug and Medical Device Litigation
1999  Jill Gradwohl Schroeder and Walter E. Zink, II, Evaluating the Interplay among GMLA, ADA and Worker’s Comp Statues Isn’t Child’s Play
2001  Santiago De Nadal and Salvatore De Traglia, What You Always Wanted and Need to Know About the Legal Environment in Spain
2004  Kathleen Blaner, The Emperor Has No Clothes: How Courts Deny Protection for Confidential Information
2005  Daniel London, Is the Economic Loss Rule in Peril?
2007  Bruce J. Berger and Michael L. Junk, Endocrine Disrupters: The Potential Cloud of Manufacturer Toxic Tort Liability
2008  Thomas Rouhette, The Availability of Punitive Damages in Europe: Growing Trend or Nonexistent Concept?
2009  Robert D. Allen, Scott M. Seaman and John E. DeLascio, Emerging Issues:  Global Warming Claims and Coverage Issues
2010  William C. Cleveland, Closing Arguments
2011  John T. Harding, The English Revolution: 'Follow the Fortunes after Lexington v. AGF and Wasa’
2012  Clifford L. Harrison, Ten Rules for Great Jury Selection: With Some Lessons from Texas Case Law
2013  Eric G. Lasker, Manning the Daubert Gate: A Defense Primer in Response to Milward v. Acuity Specialty Products
2014  Bradley C. Nahrstadt and W. Brandon Rogers, Think Before You “Speak”: What Lawyers Can and Cannot Say in the Digital Age
2015  Thomas C. Frongillo, Caroline K. Simons, Jaclyn Essinger, and Matthew Knowles, The Reinvigorated Confrontation Clause: A New Basis to Challenge the Admission of Evidence from Nontestifyling Forensic Experts in White Collar Prosecutions
2016  Gary L. Johnson, Proving the Negative: On the Admissibility of the Lack of Prior Accidents in a Products Liability Case

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Joan Fullam Irick Award Winners

2009  Anton G. Maurer, International Committee
2010  Spencer H. Silverglate, Trial Tactics and Techniques Committee
2011  Leta E. Gorman, Product Liability Committee
2012  Emmanuèle Lutfalla, International Committee
2013  Amy Sherry Fischer, Product Liability Committee
2014  Robert F. Redmond, Jr., Toxic and Hazardous Substances Litigation Committee
2015  Edward S. Sledge, IV, Business Litigation Committee
2016  Mark Behrens, Civil Justice Response Committee

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Richard L. Neumeier Excellence in Service Award Winners

2016  Mary-Christine "M.C." Sungaila

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