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Board of Editors and Committee Vice Chairs

Editor and Chair of the Board of Editors
Michael F. Smith, McAfee & Taft, 1717 South Boulder Avenue, Suite 900, Tulsa, OK 74119

Kenneth R. Meyer, McCarter & English, LLP, Four Gateway Center, 100 Mulberry Street, Newark, NJ 07102

Deputy Editor
Robert F. Greenlee, Esq., IADC, 303 West Madison, Suite 925, Chicago, IL 60606

Managing Editor
Amy O’Maley McGuire, Esq., IADC, 303 West Madison, Suite 925, Chicago, IL 60606

Board of Editors
Michael F. Aylward Leta E. Gorman John C. S. Pierce
Shaun McParland Baldwin Tripp Haston Todd Presnell
Keith N. Bond Michael J. Holland Walter J. Price, III
Brian G. Boos Annette Hughes
Douglas R. Richmond
Fred E. Bourn, III Kevin T. Jacobs J.C. Roper, Jr.
David G. Brock  Andrew Kopon, Jr.
Elizabeth Haecker Ryan
Christopher D. Brown  Mitchell Lee Lathrop
Scott W. Sayler
Michael E. Brown  John P. Lavelle, Jr. Thomas F. Segalla
Charles W. Browning John T. Lay, Jr. Fernando Eduardo Serec
John G. Browning James K. Leader
Lawrence D. Smith
D. Jeffrey Campbell Carl A. Maio Jean-Luc Soulier
Lynn S. Davies  Christopher J. Major
Emilia L. Sweeney
Peter M. Durney  Eve B. Masinter
Robert T. Veon
Mark Fahleson S. Gordon McKee J. Calhoun Watson
Michael J. Farrell Amy L. Miletich
Rebecca J. Wilson
Fred J. Fresard  Mark S. Olson
Rachel E. Yarch
Daniel W. Gerber Joseph E. O’Neil  

Committee Vice Chairs of Journal Articles and Publications

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Anthony Livoti
Drug, Device and Biotechnology
Joyce D. Edelman
Professional Liability
Erin Higgins
Appellate Practice
John B. Drummy
Employment Law
Marion F. Walker
Elizabeth S. Fitch
Business Litigation
Mark D. Hansen
In-House and Law Firm Management
Amy K. Fisher
Toxic and Hazardous Substances Litigation
Joshua K. Leader
Civil Justice Response
Pat Long Weaver
Insurance and Reinsurance
Bryan M. Weiss
J. Mitchell Smith
Class Actions and Multi-Party Litigation
Jonathan Franklin Feczko
International Arbitration
Daniela Karollus-Bruner
Trial Techniques and Tactics
Emily G. Coughlin
Corporate Counsel
Fred "Trey" E. Bourn, III
Medical Defense and Health Law
Erik W. Legg
Creighton "Chip" Magid
Product Liability
Alex Purvis


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