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Senior Advisory

The Senior Advisory Committee is composed of the past presidents of the IADC. They have a breakfast meeting at each Annual and Midyear Meeting and discuss the affairs of the Association with the current president, the immediate past president, and the executive director. The Committee acts as a sounding board for the current officers and tries to assist the Association in its efforts to better serve its members. The Senior Advisory Committee is also involved in long-range planning for the Association and helps maintain the IADC’s rich tradition and ensure it is passed on to new members.



John T. Lay

Committee Members
David J. Beck - Member
James M. Campbell - Member
William C. Cleveland, III - Member
Molly H. Craig - Member
W. Richard Davis - Member
Kevin J. Dunne - Member
Fred M. Haston, III - Member
George S. Hodges - Member
Robert D. Hunter - Member
Robert E. Leake, Jr. - Member
Gregory M. Lederer - Member
Rex K. Linder - Member
L. Gino Marchetti, Jr. - Member
George B. McGugin - Member
George H. Mitchell - Member
Bruce R. Parker - Member
William J. Perry - Member
Michael A. Pope - Member
Charles F. Preuss - Member
Neil K. Quinn - Member
Gregory C. Read - Member
Edward J. Rice, Jr. - Member
Joseph W. Ryan, Jr. - Member
J. Walter Sinclair - Member
Jay H. Tressler - Member
Quentin F. Urquhart, Jr. - Member
John Thomas Lay, Jr. - Board of Directors Liaison
Mary Beth Kurzak - Staff Liaison

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