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White Collar Defense and Investigation

The Committee consists of IADC members involved in both criminal and civil business litigation. White Collar Defense and Investigation is not confined to federal criminal cases. Many civil practitioners encounter criminal allegations in civil pleadings and during discovery of civil cases. For example, corporate criminal allegations often occur in the following cases: securities, health care, antitrust, bankruptcy, environmental, trade secrets, and foreign corrupt practices. Many cases have parallel criminal and civil investigations and proceedings. Often, civil cases are a blueprint for criminal prosecutions. We intend to assist the members by affording them an opportunity to become more familiar with government investigations and prosecutions, strategies to avoid criminal charges, and methods to defend them. Since many of our members work inside corporations, we intend to provide guidance in developing strategies in conducting internal investigations. We also intend to focus on False Claims Act prosecutions, educating our members on how the cases develop and government policy issues. Among our planned activities are newsletters and programs at conferences.

If you would like to join an IADC Substantive Law Committee, please email Maria Juarez, Registrar, at

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Committee Leadership



David Wallace-Jackson

Vice Chair of Programs and Projects


Kimberly B. Martin

Vice Chair of Webinar


Marsha J. Rabiteau

Vice Chair of International


Michael W. Magner

Committee Members
Aisha Ahmed Abdallah - Member
Justin Anderson - Member
Pauline Arroyo - Member
Éric Azran - Member
Eliana Buonocore Baraldi - Member
Robert W. Barton - Member
Robert R. Baugh - Member
Edward J. Bennett - Member
Flavio Bertoli - Member
Nicolas Brooke - Member
J. Chase Bryan - Member
Donald P. Bunnin - Member
D. Jeffrey Campbell - Member
William S.W. Chang - Member
Patrick J. Conlon - Member
Laura M. Kidd Cordova - Member
Molly H. Craig - Member
Jonathan Crompton - Member
Stacey Dixon - Member
Ross Drinnan - Member
Gbolahan Elias - Member
Paul Emerson - Member
John A. Fabello - Member
Sean P. Fahey - Member
Andrew Faith - Member
Ellen L. Farrell - Member
Karsten Fehn - Member
Phillip S. Ferguson - Member
David Fohrer - Member
Maw Shen Foo - Member
Daniel Thompson French - Member
Lisa Friel - Member
Thomas C. Frongillo - Member
T. Markus Funk - Member
Kevin R. Gardner - Member
Ezra Gollogly - Member
Diogenes Goncalves - Member
Kimberly Ann Guadagno - Member
James R. Hankle - Member
Savaria B. Harris - Member
Warren W. Harris - Member
Ola Haugen - Member
Christian K.G. Henrichsen - Member
Lisa N. Higgins - Member
Lance High - Member
Dieter Hofmann - Member
Tim Hudson - Member
Burke Jackowich - Member
Wendy L. Johnson - Member
Wilson G. Jones - Member
Paul V. Kelly - Member
Doo-Sik Kim - Member
Harold H. Kim - Member
Thierry Koenig - Member
Lisa Krigsten - Member
William E. Lawler, III - Member
W. Gregory Looser - Member
Leah Lorber - Member
Christi Daniel Lunsford - Member
Neva G. Lusk - Member
L. Gino Marchetti, Jr. - Member
John R. Marti - Member
Anton G. Maurer - Member
Thomas J. Mazziotti - Member
Justin McClelland - Member
John B. McCusker - Member
Travis R. McDonough - Member
Ross McInnes - Member
Steve McManus - Member
Jason P. Mehta - Member
Cheryl Meyers Buth - Member
Paul Mogin - Member
Patricia Nacimiento - Member
Simon Ndiaye - Member
Eddee Ng - Member
Scott O'Connell - Member
Sonia Escobio O'Donnell - Member
Alexander Oddy - Member
Zsolt Okanyi - Member
Lina Lozano Oviedo - Member
Alfred R. Paliani - Member
Frédéric Paré - Member
Shashi Patel - Member
Thomas E. Peisch - Member
Peter J. Pizzi - Member
Christopher D. Plumlee - Member
Alan Polivnick - Member
Ricky A. Raven - Member
Jayanthi Ravi - Member
E. Michael Rodriguez - Member
Regina M. Rodriguez - Member
Steven J. Roeder - Member
Azusa Saito - Member
Paul Salazar - Member
Richard A. Schneider - Member
Charles Scott Schwager - Member
Robert Sergesketter - Member
Gordon M. Shapiro - Member
Samuel R. Sharpe - Member
Gabriel Sidere - Member
Dorothy Siron - Member
Grace H. Skertich - Member
Jean-Luc Soulier - Member
Tim Sperling - Member
Carol A. Starkey - Member
Brian L. Stekloff - Member
James M. Sullivan, Q.C. - Member
Suwit Suwan - Member
Simon Tang - Member
Belinda Thompson - Member
Thomas Gerben Vasterd - Member
Tamera D. Westerberg - Member
Bart H. Williams - Member
Gregory Williams - Member
Monte Williams - Member
Deming Zhao - Member
Amy Sherry Fischer - Ex-Officio
Andrew Kopon, Jr. - Ex-Officio
Craig A. Thompson - Ex-Officio
Thomas Rouhette - Board of Directors Liaison
Melisa Maisel Vanis - Staff Liaison
Amy O. McGuire - Staff Liaison

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