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Members Committees

Medical Defense and Health Law

This Committee serves all members who represent physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers and entities in medical malpractice actions, health law advisory and regulatory support such as in defense of Qui Tam actions, federal fraud and abuse claim evaluation and defense, peer review/quality improvement counseling, and licensure board appearances. The Committee also has members that are leaders in the defense of nursing home industry clients. Members publish monthly newsletters and Journal articles and present educational seminars for the IADC membership at large. Members regularly present committee meeting seminars on matters of current interest, which includes open discussion and input from members at the meeting. Members share and exchange information regarding experts, new plaintiff theories, discovery issues and strategy at meetings and via newsletters and email. Upcoming Committee goals include development of modules for publication that address complex practice area subject matters such as arbitration clauses in the nursing home industry and damages evaluation in complex injury cases.

If you would like to join an IADC Substantive Law Committee, please email Maria Juarez, Registrar, at  

Click here for the Committee's listserv.

Committee Leadership



Mark D. Hansen

Vice Chair of Programs and Projects


Erik W. Legg

Vice Chair of Membership


W. Christian Hines, III

Vice Chair of Publications


Robert G. Smith, Jr.

Vice Chair of Corporate Counsel


Shari L. Aberle

Vice Chair of Insurance Executive


Stephanie A. Sheps

Vice Chair of International

Vice Chair of Webinar


Constance A. Endelicato

Vice Chair of Communications


Nairda T. Colon

Vice Chair of Health Law


Megan D. Hargraves

Vice Chair of Nursing Home


Mary Anne Mellow

Vice Chair of Special Projects

Committee Members
Jonathan C. Abel - Member
Kirstin Abel - Member
Scott B. Albee - Member
Hal Albritton - Member
Robby J. Aliff - Member
Marissa A. Alkhazov - Member
Lisandro Allende - Member
Frank Alvarez - Member
LaBella S. Alvis - Member
Steven E. Anderson - Member
Jennifer R. Annis - Member
Martín G. Argañaraz Luque - Member
T. Michelle Ator - Member
Robert N. Bailey, II - Member
Jeptha F. Barbour - Member
Julie Bargnesi - Member
Stephen D. Barham - Member
Mary Barley-McBride - Member
Richard L. Barry - Member
Adam C. Bassing - Member
Reed R. Bates - Member
David H. Batten - Member
Michael J. Baxter - Member
Jack B. Bayliss, Jr. - Member
Daniel F. Beasley - Member
Ryan Beaudoin - Member
Mary Behm - Member
George C. Beighley - Member
Pierre Belanger - Member
Christopher S. Berdy - Member
Michael H. Bernstein - Member
Greg P. Blaies - Member
Kurt S. Blankenship - Member
Bryant Blevins - Member
Michael E. Blumenfeld - Member
S. Virginia Bondurant Price - Member
Timothy Boone - Member
Edward S. Bott, Jr. - Member
C. William Bradley, Jr. - Member
Clifford C. Brady - Member
Jennifer L. Bragg - Member
Lonnie R. Braun - Member
Stephen M. Bressler - Member
Sharon F. Bridges - Member
William J. Brinkmann - Member
F. Laurens Brock - Member
Jonathan W. Brogan - Member
David L. Brown - Member
H. Lanier Brown, II - Member
Michelle L. Browning - Member
J. Chase Bryan - Member
Donald P. Bunnin - Member
Donna L. Burden - Member
John J. Burke - Member
M. Warren Butler - Member
Leandro Martin Castelli - Member
Chad M. Castro - Member
William S.W. Chang - Member
L. Peyton Chapman, III - Member
Lee T. Clanton - Member
Joseph M. Clark - Member
Andrew C. Clausen - Member
Lori G. Cohen - Member
Charles H. Cole - Member
Clark H. Cole - Member
Tracy E. Coleman - Member
James R. Coltharp, Jr. - Member
Lauren Colton - Member
Frederick Connelly - Member
Rocco Conte - Member
Robert E. Cooper - Member
Catherine M. Corless - Member
Molly H. Craig - Member
Kelly Strange Crawford - Member
Frederick M. Cummings - Member
Robert J. Curtis - Member
Diana Marie Davis - Member
John M. Degnan - Member
Donald L. DeVries, Jr. - Member
Denise Ann Dickerson - Member
Walter K. Donaldson - Member
Robert F. Donnelly - Member
Allan K. DuBois - Member
Marcella C. Ducca - Member
Keely E. Duke - Member
Paul J. Dwaihy - Member
Laura J. Eakes - Member
Tad Eckenrode - Member
Tamela E. Esham - Member
Austin A. Evans - Member
Edwin E. Evans - Member
John T. Evans - Member
Mark Gregory Farrell - Member
Michael J. Farrell - Member
Karsten Fehn - Member
Phillip S. Ferguson - Member
Frederick H. Fern - Member
Anthony J. Fernandez - Member
Brian C. Fetzer - Member
Nori Sue Fey - Member
Margaret M. Fitzsimmons - Member
W.M. Bains Fleming, III - Member
J. Gordon Flowers - Member
John F. Floyd, Sr. - Member
Richards H. Ford - Member
Julie Freitag - Member
Monica A. Frois - Member
S. William Fuller, Jr. - Member
Benjamin Gaw - Member
M. Todd Gerber - Member
David Glover - Member
Robert L. Goldstucker - Member
Mark Anthony Goodwin - Member
Lucy Gordon - Member
Tim T. Griesenbeck, Jr. - Member
James R. Gutglass - Member
Samuel Habeeb - Member
Alex J. Hagan - Member
Larry D. Hall - Member
Inona Jane Harness - Member
Brian C. Harris - Member
Lauren Beck Harris - Member
Savaria B. Harris - Member
Frederick E. Hasty, III - Member
Sandra Hawes - Member
Roger Edward Hawkins - Member
Stephen K. Heard - Member
Brian T. Henry - Member
Michelle A. Hernandez - Member
Lisa N. Higgins - Member
Carolynn V. Hill - Member
John D. Hilmes - Member
James B. Hood - Member
Robert H. Hood, Jr. - Member
Robert H. Hood - Member
Tim Hudson - Member
Thomas J. Hurney, Jr. - Member
Clemente Jose Inclan - Member
Brynda Rodriguez Insley - Member
Benjamin D. Jackson - Member
Julye Johns Bailey - Member
Weldon R. Johnson - Member
Bradley J. Johnston - Member
Margaret H. Jones - Member
Wilson G. Jones - Member
J. Christopher Jorgensen - Member
Charles I. Joseph - Member
Johannes Juranek - Member
Paul R. Keane - Member
P. Alden Kellogg - Member
Thomas A. Kendrick - Member
Stephen S. Kent - Member
Kathryn Kenyon - Member
Paula A. Koczan - Member
Ernest F. Koschineg - Member
Scott K.G. Kozak - Member
Stephen P. Kruger - Member
Robert S. Lafferrandre - Member
Michelle Langdon - Member
Bobby L. Latham, Jr. - Member
Katherine Lawler - Member
Robert K. Lawrence - Member
Nathan D. Leming - Member
Rex K. Linder - Member
David A. Littleton - Member
James G. Long, III - Member
Wendy L. Longmire - Member
Dan L. Longo - Member
Leah Lorber - Member
D. Gary Lovell, Jr. - Member
Christi Daniel Lunsford - Member
Thomas Lyons - Member
Heidi L. Mandt - Member
Ralph L. Marchbank, Jr. - Member
Molly K. Marcum - Member
David C. Marshall - Member
Rafael E. Martinez - Member
Arlene Matthews - Member
Lanette Matthews - Member
Ronald Mazariegos - Member
Thomas J. Mazziotti - Member
Ted J. McDonald - Member
Ross McInnes - Member
Douglas M. McIntosh - Member
Frank McLaughlin - Member
Clyde M. Metzger, III - Member
Steven A. Michalek - Member
Carol P. Michel - Member
Michael J. Miller - Member
Stuart P. Miller - Member
Paul Mogin - Member
Steven T. Moon - Member
Micholle Mordock - Member
Renee J. Mortimer - Member
Mitch Moss - Member
John L. Murad, Jr. - Member
Brooke B. Murphy - Member
Noelle M. Natoli - Member
Melvin F. O'Brien - Member
Scott O'Connell - Member
Terence P. O'Connor - Member
Joseph E. O'Neil - Member
D. C. Offutt, Jr. - Member
Jodi Dyan Oley - Member
Siraj Omar, SC - Member
Jon B. Orndorff - Member
Larry D. Ottaway - Member
John R. Owen - Member
Nancy Paridy - Member
Constantine Passodelis - Member
Shashi Patel - Member
David Winchester Peck - Member
John R. Penhallegon - Member
Francis E. Pierce, III - Member
John C. S. Pierce - Member
Mark Polley - Member
Douglas J. Pomatto - Member
George Power - Member
Rick L. Powers - Member
Walter J. Price, III - Member
Park Priest - Member
Scott D. Provencher - Member
Henry S. Provosty - Member
Diane Pradat Pumphrey - Member
Richard E. Ramsey - Member
Reed Rasmussen - Member
Edward J. Rice, Jr. - Member
Orlando R. Richmond, Sr. - Member
E. Michael Rodriguez - Member
Francesca Rolla - Member
Stephen A. Rowe - Member
William A. Ruskin - Member
John P. Ryan - Member
David L. Sargent - Member
James D. Savage - Member
John Bibb Saye - Member
Eva Schothorst-Gransier - Member
Steven R. Schwegman - Member
John A. Scully - Member
Jennifer Devereaux Segers - Member
Stefan Segger - Member
G. Calvin Sharpe - Member
Colleen D. Shields - Member
W. Kennedy Simpson - Member
Junior Sirivar - Member
Joel R. Skinner - Member
Kevin M. Smith - Member
Todd W. Smyth - Member
Mark A. Solheim - Member
George W. Spellmire, Jr. - Member
Peter E. Sperling - Member
Robert Gordon Sproule, Jr. - Member
Jill M. Steinberg - Member
Richard E. Stites - Member
E. Frederick Straub, Jr. - Member
Patrick Strubel - Member
Marda W. Sydnor - Member
Anne Talcott - Member
Simon Tang - Member
Jodi Terranova - Member
Joseph J. Tierney, Jr. - Member
Michael Trotter - Member
Scott J. Tucker - Member
Sara M. Turner - Member
Sonia Valdes - Member
Bernard S. Vallejos - Member
Daniele Vecchi - Member
James E. Vidal - Member
Robert J. Walker - Member
Margaret Fonshell Ward - Member
Robert V.P. Waterman, Jr. - Member
Mary Catherine Way - Member
Lee C. Weatherly - Member
William L. Weiner - Member
Buckner Wellford - Member
Mollie Nolan Werwas - Member
Tamela J. White - Member
Jo Ben Whittenburg - Member
Brandon Whitworth - Member
Nicolas Wiegand - Member
John Wiggins - Member
Mark Shelton F. Williams - Member
Philip L. Willman - Member
Matthew R. Wojcik - Member
Mary K. Wolverton - Member
Richard T. Woulfe - Member
Michael K. Wright - Member
James C. Young, Sr. Lit. Attorney - Member
John J. Zawistoski - Member
Walter E. Zink, II - Member
Amy Sherry Fischer - Ex-Officio
Andrew Kopon, Jr. - Ex-Officio
Craig A. Thompson - Ex-Officio
Mark R. Beebe - Board of Directors Liaison
Melisa Maisel Vanis - Staff Liaison
Amy O. McGuire - Staff Liaison

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