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Appellate Practice

This Committee is available to all members who routinely practice in state and federal appellate courts, as well as trial lawyers who handle their own appeals. The Committee publishes quarterly newsletters addressing various appellate related topics and recent trends in appellate practice. The Committee also offers CLE programs focusing on appellate related issues that often arise before, during, and after trial. Networking among members is also encouraged through Committee meetings held during bi-annual IADC meetings.

If you would like to join an IADC Substantive Law Committee, please email Maria Juarez, Registrar, at

Click here for the Committee's listserv.

Committee Leadership



Sonia Escobio O'Donnell

Vice Chair of Programs


Audrey P. Ramsay

Vice Chair of Newsletter


John B. Drummy

Vice Chair of Defense Counsel Journal


Robert A. Brundage

Vice Chair of Diversity and Vice Chair of Membership


Michael Franklin Smith

Vice Chair of International

Vice Chair of Communications


Lara O'Donnell Grillo

Committee Members
Sunil Abraham - Member
Justin Anderson - Member
Martín G. Argañaraz Luque - Member
T. Michelle Ator - Member
Carl A. Aveni - Member
Éric Azran - Member
Jeffrey R. Bale - Member
Bradley J. Beehler - Member
Mark Behrens - Member
Louis B. Bernstein - Member
Thomas Boes - Member
A. Mattison Bogan - Member
S. Virginia Bondurant Price - Member
Timothy Boone - Member
Darin L. Brooks - Member
L. Michael Brooks, Jr. - Member
Tony Budidjaja - Member
Donald P. Bunnin - Member
Scott Campbell - Member
E.B. Chiles, IV - Member
Jeffrey A. Cohen - Member
John J. DeBoy - Member
Peter M. Donnelly - Member
Shaji M. Eapen - Member
Mark Fahleson - Member
Andrew Faith - Member
Gerard T. Fazio - Member
Mark C. Fleming - Member
David Fohrer - Member
Jonathan Franklin - Member
T. Markus Funk - Member
Brendan J. Gardiner - Member
Phil Goldberg - Member
Diogenes Goncalves - Member
Stanley E. Graham - Member
Mark E. Grimes - Member
David M. Gunn - Member
Larry D. Hall - Member
Charles Keith Hamilton - Member
John J. Hare - Member
Megan D. Hargraves - Member
Karen Harned - Member
Lauren Beck Harris - Member
Warren W. Harris - Member
Kendall Harrison - Member
Ola Haugen - Member
Roger Edward Hawkins - Member
Mark Hicks - Member
M. Kimberly Hodges - Member
Jeffrey A. Holmstrand - Member
Joseph Hood, Jr. - Member
Heather Michelle Howard - Member
Danny M. Howell - Member
Kay Nord Hunt - Member
LaKeysha Greer Isaac - Member
William M. Janssen - Member
Lori Johnson - Member
William Trey Jones, III - Member
Martin A. Kasten - Member
David E. Keltner - Member
Stephen S. Kent - Member
Edmund J. Kronenburg - Member
Gregory M. Lederer - Member
Joshua D. Lee - Member
Alan J. Lefebvre - Member
Clifford B. Levine - Member
James G. Long, III - Member
David Mackey - Member
Mary Massaron - Member
Craig R. May - Member
Travis R. McDonough - Member
M. Patrick McDowell - Member
Catherine McKenzie - Member
Lee Mickus - Member
Chanda A. Miller - Member
Paul Mogin - Member
Malini Moorthy - Member
Kurt Mullen - Member
Edward M. Mullins - Member
Mark J. Neal - Member
Richard L. Neumeier - Member
Eddee Ng - Member
Richard B. North, Jr. - Member
Zsolt Okanyi - Member
Siraj Omar - Member
Curtis L. Ott - Member
Zachary E. Pelham - Member
Connie Pfeiffer - Member
Thomas R. Phillips - Member
Marsha M. Piccone - Member
Katherine B. Posner - Member
Robert F. Redmond, Jr. - Member
Douglas R. Richmond - Member
Robert M. Roach, Jr. - Member
Martin J. Rooney - Member
Paul W. Schmidt - Member
Brian Schneider - Member
Christiaan Scholten Van Aschat - Member
Joseph A. Sclafani - Member
Jessica Scott - Member
Sitpah Selvaratnam - Member
Michael Franklin Smith - Member
Jack G. Steigelfest - Member
E. Ford Stephens - Member
Kara Stewart - Member
Russell O. Stewart - Member
Michael J. Summerhill - Member
Mary-Christine Sungaila - Member
Simon Tang - Member
John L. Tate - Member
Belinda Thompson - Member
Peter Tolsdorf - Member
Debora L. Verdier - Member
Sean Wajert - Member
W. Scott Welch, III - Member
Amy Sherry Fischer - Ex-Officio
Andrew Kopon, Jr. - Ex-Officio
Craig A. Thompson - Ex-Officio
Stephanie M. Rippee - Board of Directors Liaison
Melisa Maisel Vanis - Staff Liaison
Amy O. McGuire - Staff Liaison

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