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Civil Justice Response

This Committee works to establish a nationwide information network that promotes the rapid dissemination of information about legislation, rulemaking, judicial selection, and key elections likely to affect civil litigation and liability laws in order to give IADC members and their clients timely opportunities to participate in these processes armed with information that can affect the outcome of the debate or controversy.

If you would like to join an IADC Substantive Law Committee, please email Maria Juarez, Registrar, at

Click here for the Committee's listserv.

Committee Leadership



Mark Behrens

Vice Chair of Programs and Projects


Leah Lorber

Vice Chair of Membership

Vice Chair of Publications


Phil Goldberg

Vice Chair of Webinar

Vice Chair of Communications


Leigh Ann Schell

Vice Chair of International


S. Gordon McKee

Vice Chair of Insurance Executive


Fredrick Charles Schaefer

Vice Chair of Corporate Counsel


Molly Jones

Vice Chair of Diversity


Ashley Garry

Committee Members
Lisandro Allende - Member
Martín G. Argañaraz Luque - Member
Carl A. Aveni - Member
Rebecca Weinstein Bacon - Member
R. Bruce Barze, Jr. - Member
Bradley J. Beehler - Member
Louis B. Bernstein - Member
David M. Bienvenu, Jr. - Member
Thomas P. Bishop - Member
Kurt S. Blankenship - Member
Melissa Brown - Member
Michael A. Brown - Member
Michael K. Brown - Member
John G. Browning - Member
Leandro Martin Castelli - Member
Lori G. Cohen - Member
Morgan L. Copeland, Jr. - Member
Sarah Grider Cronan - Member
Christopher Scott D'Angelo - Member
Maxon R. Davis - Member
Alicia Donahue - Member
Michael E. Driscoll - Member
Michael W. Eady - Member
Maja C. Eaton - Member
Blaine D. Edwards - Member
Nancy M. Erfle - Member
Mark Fahleson - Member
W.M. Bains Fleming, III - Member
Gregory L. Fowler - Member
Mac B. Greaves - Member
Cathy Havener Greer - Member
Michael A. Hamilton - Member
Fred M. Haston, III - Member
Daniel Healey - Member
W. Briggs Hopson, III - Member
Sherman Joyce - Member
Harold H. Kim - Member
Michael R. Klatt - Member
Deirdre R. Kole - Member
Eric G. Lasker - Member
Clifford B. Levine - Member
Rex K. Linder - Member
Pat Long-Weaver - Member
R. Jeffrey Lowe - Member
Neva G. Lusk - Member
Bert W. Markovich - Member
David F. Maron - Member
Amy Mass - Member
James L. McCrystal, Jr. - Member
Steve McManus - Member
Mark J. Neal - Member
Timothy G. O'Neill - Member
Bruce R. Parker - Member
John R. Penhallegon - Member
Wayne F. Plaza - Member
Bryan Pratt - Member
Lyn P. Pruitt - Member
Marsha J. Rabiteau - Member
Terrence O. Reed - Member
Jill Cranston Rice - Member
McGready L. Richeson - Member
Lisa A. Rickard - Member
Stephanie M. Rippee - Member
Mark A. Rowe - Member
J. Walter Sinclair - Member
Mary-Christine Sungaila - Member
Steve Taub - Member
Stephen W. Tully - Member
Gary R. Tulp - Member
Lana Kay Varney - Member
Danielle M. Waltz - Member
Christine L. Welstead - Member
Lee B. Ziffer - Member
Amy Sherry Fischer - Ex-Officio
Andrew Kopon, Jr. - Ex-Officio
Craig A. Thompson - Ex-Officio
Amy Sherry Fischer - Board of Directors Liaison
Melisa Maisel Vanis - Staff Liaison
Amy O. McGuire - Staff Liaison

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