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In-House and Law Firm Management

The In-House and Law Firm Management Committee educates IADC members on the latest trends and developments pertaining to the “business of law,” so as to allow in-house legal departments and law firms to establish best practices for providing excellent legal service in a cost-efficient, effective, and responsive manner. They serve as a resource for IADC members, leadership, and staff on strategies for managing law firms and in-house legal departments in a manner that enhances client service and business relations; as well as improving economic value and profitability; marketing and business development; leadership succession and planning; and culture, diversity, and ethics.

If you would like to join an IADC Substantive Law Committee, please email Maria Juarez, Registrar, at

Click here for the Committee's listserv.

Committee Leadership


Vice Chair of Programs and Projects


Thomas E. Ganucheau

Vice Chair of Membership


Henry T. Morrissette

Vice Chair of Publications


Amy K. Fisher

Co-Vice Chair of Webinar


Jonathan A. Berkelhammer

Co-Vice Chair of Webinar


Janelle L. Davis

Vice Chair of Communications


Martin J. Healy

Vice Chair of Diversity


Kimberly Hardeman

Vice Chair of International


Steven Rosenhek

Vice Chair of Corporate Counsel


Paula Allan

Co-Vice Chair of Special Projects


Paul M. Fires

Co-Vice Chair of Special Projects

Committee Members
Kirstin Abel - Member
Shari L. Aberle - Member
James R. Abeshaus - Member
Lisandro Allende - Member
Guilherme Rizzo Amaral - Member
Lisa A. Armstrong - Member
Rebecca Weinstein Bacon - Member
Patricia A. Barbieri - Member
Robert R. Baugh - Member
Mollie Benedict - Member
Christopher S. Berdy - Member
Carrie Berger - Member
Amy Bradley-Waters - Member
Andrew Brenner - Member
Carin D. Brock - Member
Chad R. Brown - Member
Robert H. Brunson - Member
Donna L. Burden - Member
R. Matthew Cairns - Member
D. Jeffrey Campbell - Member
Bradley E. Chambers - Member
Mary Hughes Cherry - Member
Christopher R. Christensen - Member
Ellen Cordell - Member
James R. Courie - Member
Michael D. Crim - Member
Marko Denadic - Member
Basil A. DiSipio - Member
Kyle H. Dreyer - Member
Jane W. Duke - Member
C. Thomas Evans, Jr. - Member
Daniel Thompson French - Member
Natalie T. Furniss - Member
Michael E. Gabel - Member
Renee A. Gallagher - Member
William Garcia - Member
Brendan J. Gardiner - Member
Joseph A. Gerling - Member
George Gigounas - Member
Mark D. Hansen - Member
Christopher B. Harmon - Member
Ola Haugen - Member
Betsy Haws - Member
Christian K.G. Henrichsen - Member
Duarte G. Henriques - Member
Lance High - Member
Carolynn V. Hill - Member
Wilbur E. Johnson - Member
Corinne Berry Jones - Member
William J. Kelly, III - Member
Allen Kilgore - Member
David Koysza - Member
Michelle Langdon - Member
Steven P. Lehotsky - Member
Mari Henry Leigh - Member
J. K. Leonard - Member
Anthony W. Livoti - Member
Neva G. Lusk - Member
Nicole R. MacKenzie - Member
James L. McCrystal, Jr. - Member
Michael E. McWilliams - Member
Steven A. Meckler - Member
Carol P. Michel - Member
H. Patrick Morris - Member
Christian Murad - Member
James Scott Murphy - Member
Alma Murray - Member
Stephen G.A. Myers - Member
ChiĆ© Nakahara - Member
Robert Scott Newman - Member
Trinh Nguyen - Member
John K. Nieset - Member
Alexander Oddy - Member
Nancy Paridy - Member
David L. Patron - Member
Niall A. Paul - Member
Sloane Perras - Member
George Power - Member
Walter J. Price, III - Member
J.C. Roper, Jr. - Member
William A. Ruskin - Member
Elizabeth Haecker Ryan - Member
Paul Salazar - Member
Marta-Ann Schnabel - Member
Charles Scott Schwager - Member
Stephanie Sciullo - Member
Ben J. Scott - Member
Audrey Seeley - Member
Mitesh Shah - Member
Stephen J. Shapiro - Member
Raymond T. Sheldon - Member
Grace H. Skertich - Member
Sarah Cronan Spurlock - Member
Michael J. Sullivan - Member
Paul Sykes - Member
Arun J. Thomas - Member
Fletcher C. Thomson - Member
Gary R. Tulp - Member
Sonia Valdes - Member
Jennifer Vance - Member
Lana Kay Varney - Member
Michael B. Victorson - Member
Robert A. Vosbein, Jr. - Member
Arthur G. Warden, III - Member
J. Calhoun Watson - Member
J. Kevin Watson - Member
Angel A. West - Member
Eric Watt Wiechmann - Member
Nicolas Wiegand - Member
Ricardo A. Woods - Member
Megan S. Wynne - Member
James C. Young, Sr. Lit. Attorney - Member
Amy Sherry Fischer - Ex-Officio
Andrew Kopon, Jr. - Ex-Officio
Craig A. Thompson - Ex-Officio
Spencer H. Silverglate - Board of Directors Liaison
Melisa Maisel Vanis - Staff Liaison
Amy O. McGuire - Staff Liaison

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