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Social Justice Pro Bono

The IADC’s mission and core values include promoting positive reform of the civil justice system and respect for the rule of law.

The mission of the Social Justice Pro Bono Committee is to ensure that the IADC and its members continue to serve as guardians, caretakers, and advocates of and for social justice and to serve as role models for others in our profession. The Committee will explore and identify approaches to and resources for the provision of legal services to advance the cause of social justice, to assist the poor, disadvantaged, and other individuals, groups or organizations unable to secure legal assistance to address critical problems. The Committee will support, enhance, and transform the social justice and pro bono efforts of IADC members, corporate legal departments and public interest organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

If you would like to join an IADC Committee, please email Maria Juarez, Registrar, at

Click here for the Committee's listserv.

Committee Leadership



Matthew D. Keenan

Vice Chair of Communications


Michael W. Magner

Vice Chair of Membership


Michael A. Airdo

Vice Chair of Publications


James W. Shelson

Vice Chair of International


Daniela Karollus-Bruner

Committee Members
Shari L. Aberle - Member
Diane Fleming Averell - Member
Bradley J. Beehler - Member
Anna Booth - Member
Julie A. Callsen - Member
J. Dominic Campodonico - Member
Shayna Cook - Member
Alicia Donahue - Member
Linda Drucker - Member
David L. Ferrera - Member
A. Kirk Gasperecz - Member
Michael H. Gladstone - Member
Leta E. Gorman - Member
Lara O'Donnell Grillo - Member
Christopher G. Karagheuzoff - Member
Kathryn Kenyon - Member
John Thomas Lay, Jr. - Member
Clifford B. Levine - Member
Jeffrey R. Lilly - Member
R. Jeffrey Lowe - Member
Eddee Ng - Member
Timothy M. O'Brien - Member
Joseph E. O'Neil - Member
Samuel R.W. Price - Member
Marsha J. Rabiteau - Member
Robert F. Redmond, Jr. - Member
Cheryl A. Sabnis - Member
Stephanie Sciullo - Member
Jane M. Sigda - Member
Spencer H. Silverglate - Member
Alexandra Simotta - Member
Kate Skagerberg - Member
Adam J. Spicer - Member
Simon Tang - Member
Clarence Webster, III - Member
Amy Sherry Fischer - Ex-Officio
Andrew Kopon, Jr. - Ex-Officio
Craig A. Thompson - Ex-Officio
Mark R. Beebe - Board of Directors Liaison
Melisa Maisel Vanis - Staff Liaison
Amy O. McGuire - Staff Liaison

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