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The Defense Counsel Journal online provides you easy access to the journal electronically in PDF format. The online version contains all of the articles found in the original printed form. 

The entire contents of this each attached edition of Defense Counsel Journal are copyright 2007-2009 by the International Association of Defense Counsel, all rights reserved.

This document may be distributed for non-profit purposes with contact with and prior approval of the International Association of Defense Counsel, so long as it is the latest version available at the time, all parts are distributed together, and it is kept completely intact without editing, changes, deletions, or additions. Redistribution of this document without express prior permission is prohibited. 

To access individual Defense Counsel Journal articles, click here or under the Publications tab, click the Browse and Search Publications link and select the Defense Counsel Journal category. Please note that you must be logged in the IADC Web site to access individual journal articles or the Defense Counsel Journal online.

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