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Paul Lefebvre

Paul Lefebvre

“The IADC wishes to become a global player.” This is surely an understatement.

Over the past few years, the IADC’s international scope has considerably increased thanks to a large contingent of new members from jurisdictions outside the US.

The IADC is proud to be present in six continents and to have members from the two large legal families: common law and civil law systems.

The strategy of focusing on Asia and South America has yielded tremendous results: the Regional Meetings in these continents have become an integral part of the IADC calendar of meetings. The possibility of organizing an Asian Corporate Counsel Conference is currently being examined. 

Our next target will be to further expand the IADC in Africa.

In view of the increase of international members, it was decided to regionalize the International Committee by setting up four regional subcommittees, i.e.:

- North America: Dan Reisler (Canada – Chair), Rick Lindsay (Canada - Newsletter), and Pat Santini (Canada - Membership).

- Europe (including Russia and provisionally the Middle East and Africa): Manuel Barrocas (Portugal - Chair), Bill Perry (UK - Newsletter), Peter Rees (UK – Newsletter), and Francesca Rolla (Italy - Vice Chair).

- Asia and Australia: Maw Shen Foo (Singapore - Chair), Young Seok Lee (Korea – Membership), and Dorothy Siron (Hong-Kong - Newsletter)

- Latin America (including Central America and Mexico): Pablo Grillo (Argentina - Chair).

In an ever globalizing world economy with ever more efficient means of transport and communication, the International Committee has an important role to play in facilitating contacts between its US and international members in order to generate referrals. 

The International Committee seeks to organize programs with a clear international scope at the various IADC meetings and conferences. It also sponsors other Committees in setting up panels with members from different continents in order to shed a global light from various jurisdictions and different legal systems on the addressed legal issues. The International Committee is proud to have co-sponsored different major CLE’s for the next Annual Meeting.

As Bonnie Mayfield so aptly phrased it in her Diversity Committee Chair Corner: the International Committee is also pleased to be of service to the other Committees and IADC members and is but a phone call or an email away.

The next scheduled events are

- European Regional Meeting in London in conjunction with the BIICL (British Institute for International and Comparative Law) on 26 and 27 September 2017. The theme is “Global Products Regulation: Towards Fragmentation.” The panel discussion will be followed by a reception and a dinner. The next morning there will be a breakfast discussion. For information and to register for any or all of these events, click here.

- International Corporate Counsel College in Amsterdam on 9 and 10 November 2017 at the Hilton Amsterdam. The topics on the program are how a company can protect itself against acts of a government, expropriation, human rights in business matters, enforcement of arbitral awards, and how to manage social media. These are all key issues that were addressed in landslide cases such the Yukos versus the Russian Federation annulment awards case fought before various European jurisdictions and US Federal Courts as well as the Facebook, Amazon, and Google cases pending before national jurisdictions and the Court of the European Union. Register online or fill out the registration form and fax it to the IADC office at 1.312.368.1854.

By its very nature, the International Committee is open and inclusive and has become the “welcome gate” for all international members wishing to get further acquainted with other various Committees within the IADC as well as for the US members wishing to expand their network beyond their national borders.

Evidence of this is the growing success of the international dinner organized at the Midyear and Annual Meetings.

Last but not least, the IADC stands out among all other bar associations in that it offers a wide array of social events for members and their families; as a result, members will find that the IADC has not only provided them with a large professional network; it has also given them, as well as each individual member of their family, the opportunity to build enduring friendship bonds across all continents.

On a final and more practical note: you are cordially invited to join in our monthly conference call to be held on the last Wednesday of every month at 9.00 CST. 




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