About the Association

The International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) has been serving a distinguished membership of corporate and insurance defense attorneys and insurance executives since 1920.

Its activities benefit the approximately 2,500 invitation-only, peer reviewed members and their clients, as well as the civil justice system and the legal profession. Moreover, the IADC takes a leadership role in many areas of legal reform and professional development.

A Distinguished Membership


The IADC membership is comprised of the world’s leading corporate and insurance lawyers and insurance executives. They are partners in large and small law firms, senior counsel in corporate law departments, and corporate and insurance executives. Members represent the largest corporations around the world, including the majority of companies listed in the FORTUNE 500.

IADC members handle cases in all jurisdictions and have been involved in many precedent setting decisions and appeals. They have been appointed to federal and state judgeships and elected to numerous local, state, and federal government positions. Members are leaders of hundreds of important legal, corporate, industry, and non-profit organizations.

Their responsibilities include chairmanships of national and state committees of the American Bar Association; presidents of Inns of Court and state and local bar associations; presidents of trade and law associations and chambers of commerce; and board members of corporations, academic institutions, charities, and special legal organizations.

Scholarship and academic leadership are prevalent activities for IADC members. They publish widely in bar and trade journals, law reviews, and professional publications. Members appear on television and are sought out for comment in business and general circulation print media. They are trustees, or hold governing appointments, at many academic institutions from Harvard and Tulane to St. John’s and the University of Denver.

What It Means to Be Part of the IADC


The core purpose of the IADC is to enhance the development of skills, professionalism, and camaraderie to serve and benefit the members, their clients, as well as the civil justice system, the legal profession, and society in general. Members of the IADC are part of a powerful and select group with advanced skills in defense law who look to each other to further promote their skills, their business, and the profession in general. Members often look to each other to assist with cases or offer counsel.

Being part of the IADC means you have experienced success in your career and are committed to supporting your profession. But beyond that, the IADC is unique in the truly lifelong friendships and business relationships it facilitates. Its small size, high quality events, and activities create an environment for lawyers of similar caliber to get to know each other and become not only business colleagues but friends.

Antitrust Policy

The International Association of Defense Counsel (“IADC”) conducts meetings and other events in jurisdictions throughout the world that have enacted laws to protect competition and to promote fair and free competition. The IADC performs many useful and legitimate functions, including advancing the legal profession and advocating for the defense of numerous industries and their products, services, and activities. The IADC is committed to complying with antitrust laws and at all times will act in accordance with the corresponding rules and regulations. For the full IADC antitrust policy, click here.