IADC History

History of the Association


The history of the IADC is one of prestige, achievement, and commitment to excellence, not only for its members but also for the civil justice system and those who participate in its process.

The Association was created in 1920 by a group of general counsels, calling themselves the General Counsels’ Association of the United States. Its purpose was to foster good will and cooperation among general counsel who shared common interests and challenges. In 1928, the members invited leading lawyers to join, seeking to gain broader insight into the various legal issues affecting the insurance industry. The Association changed its name to the International Association of Insurance Counsel (IAIC) to reflect the new membership and focus.

Membership expanded greatly during the 1930s, with lawyers and executives coming from both the United States and Canada. By World War II, there were 2,000 members, each of whom was invited to join the Association through an in-depth committee review process. It was the committee structure of the Association at that time, eventually diversifying into specific areas of substantive law, professional development, and administration, which would become the foundation for the innovative work and activity of the Association.

In the post-war years, a rapid growth in the number, complexity, and geographic scope of civil lawsuits made the IAIC a premier training ground for lawyers internationally. This commitment would become a mainstay for professional development and legal reform for the Association. At the same time, the quality of membership rose as a result of higher criteria for peer reviewing of prospective members.

The Association also began to expand its international membership, recognizing the globalization of business and the law. The Association continues today to adjust and adapt to the needs of the members in an expanding international marketplace.

In 1960, it created the Defense Research Institute (DRI) to provide broad-based support and education for the defense bar. The IADC later founded Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ) to address rapidly accelerating litigation costs, runaway jury verdicts and routine awards of punitive damages. By the mid-1970s, with many corporations now self-insuring, the membership began representing more and more corporations directly. In 1985, to mirror this change in focus, the Association changed its name to the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC).

Past Leaders, Awards, and Meeting Locations


1920-23  Myron W. Van Auken
1923-26  Martin P. Cornelius
1926-32  Edwin A. Jones
1932-34  George W. Yancey
1934-35  Walter R. Mayne
1935-36  J. Roy Dickie
1936-37  Marion N. Chrestman
1937-38  P. E. Reeder
1938-39  Milo H. Crawford
1939-40  Gerald P. Hayes
1940-41  Oscar J. Brown
1941-43  Willis Smith
1943-44  Pat H. Eager, Jr.
1944-46  F. B. Baylor
1946-47  Paul J. McGough
1947-48  Lowell White
1948-49  Kenneth P. Grubb
1949-50  L. Duncan Lloyd
1950-51  Wayne E. Strichter
1951-52  Joseph A. Spray
1952-53  Alvin R. Christovich
1953-54  J. A. Gooch
1954-55  Stanley C. Morris
1955-56  Lester P. Dodd
1956-57  John A. Kluwin
1957-58  Forrest A. Betts
1958-59  G. Arthur Blanchet
1959-60  Charles E. Pledger, Jr.
1960-61  Denman Moody
1961-62  Payne Karr
1962-63  William E. Knepper
1963-64  Richard W. Galiher
1964-65  Kraft W. Eidman
1965-66  Wallace E. Sedgwick
1966-67  Harley J. McNeal
1967-68  Egbert L. Haywood
1968-69  Gordon R. Close
1969-70  W. Ford Reese
1970-71  Samuel J. Powers, Jr.
1971-72  Edward J. Kelly
1972-73  Alston Jennings
1973-74  Walter A. Steele
1974-75  Theodore P. Shield
1975-76  Jerry V. Walker
1976-77  Henry Burnett
1977-78  Darrell L. Havener
1978-79  Robert E. Leake, Jr.
1979-80  John R. Hoehl
1980-81  Neil K. Quinn
1981-82  William K. Christovich
1982-83  Robert D. Norman
1983-84  Grant P. DuBois
1984-85  Thomas H. Sharp, Jr.
1985-86  William H. Wallace
1986-87  Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr.
1987-88  W. Richard Davis
1988-89  George B. McGugin
1989-90  Morris R. Zucker
1990-91  Jay H. Tressler
1991-92  David J. Beck
1992-93  Henry A. Hentemann
1993-94  Michael A. Pope
1994-95  Kevin J. Dunne
1995-96  Edward J. Rice, Jr.
1996-97  George Gore
1997-98  Charles F. Preuss
1998-99  Rex K. Linder
1999-00  George H. Mitchell
2000-01  Gregory C. Read
2001-02  William C. Cleveland
2002-03  Joan Fullam Irick
2003-04  J. Walter Sinclair
2004-05  George S. Hodges
2005-06  Gregory M. Lederer
2006-07  Bruce R. Parker
2007-08  L. Gino Marchetti, Jr.
2008-09  Robert D. Hunter
2009-10  James M. Campbell
2010-11  Joseph W. Ryan, Jr.
2011-12  William J. Perry
2012-13  Quentin F. Urquhart, Jr.
2013-14  Molly H. Craig
2014-15  Tripp Haston
2015-16  Joseph E. O'Neil
2016-17  John T. Lay, Jr.
2017-18  Andrew Kopon Jr.
2018-19  Craig A. Thompson
2019-20  Amy Sherry Fischer
2020-21  Andrew S. Chamberlin
2021-22  Spencer H. Silverglate
2022-23  Mark R. Beebe
2023-24  Michele Y. Smith

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Vice Presidents

1920-26  Thomas G. Rutledge
1926-27  F. W. Dillon
1927-28  Garner W. Denmead
1928-30  William B. Mahoney
1929-30  John M. Slaton
1929-30  Solon T. Gilmore
1929-30  D. E. C. Moore
1929-30  James E. Kelley
1930-31  Claude V. Birkhead
1930-31  Clapham Murray, Jr.
1930-31  Gay Gleason
1930-31  Lee A. Kelley
1930-31  Ray Martin
1930-32  George W. Yancey
1930-33  Wayne Ely
1931-32  Louis S. St. Laurent
1931-33  Oliver R. Beckwith
1931-33  D. E. C. Moore
1932-33  William A. Porteous, Jr.
1932-33  Beverley R. Jouett
1932-33  F. Winfield Hackett
1933-34  Allan E. Brosmith
1933-34  Arthur G. Powell
1933-34  Harry S. Knight
1933-34  Lowell White
1933-34  Walter R. Mayne
1933-34  E. K. Williams
1934-35  J. Roy Dickie
1934-35  Oliver R. Beckwith
1934-35  Russell M. Knepper
1935-36  George L. Naught
1935-36  Gerald P. Hayes
1935-36  Joseph B. Murphy
1936-37  Oscar J. Brown
1936-37  Cassius E. Gates
1936-37  Robert L. Webb
1937-38  A. L. Barber
1937-38  Frank C. Haymond
1937-38  Thomas F. Mount
1938-39  George L. Naught
1938-39  Joe G. Sweet
1938-39  J. Mearl Sweitzer
1939-40  James T. Blair
1939-40  L. J. Carey
1939-40  Henry W. Nichols
1940-41  Clarence F. Merrell
1940-41  Oliver R. Beckwith
1940-41  Royce G. Rowe
1941-43  Allan E. Brosmith
1941-43  Franklin J. Marryott
1941-43  Hal C. Thurman
1943-44  Robert P. Hobson
1943-44  Leslie P. Henry
1943-44  Lon Hocker
1944-46  Forrest A. Betts
1944-46  Frank X. Cull
1944-46  Fletcher B. Coleman
1946-47  John L. Barton
1946-47  Lowell White
1946-47  Price H. Topping
1947-48  J. Harry LaBrum
1947-48  Stanley C. Morris
1947-48  John R. Kitch
1948-49  J. A. Gooch
1948-49  Victor C. Gorton
1949-50  Denis McGinn
1949-50  Rupert G. Morse
1950-51  Leo B. Parker
1950-51  H. S. Don Carlos
1951-52  Francis Van Orman
1951-52  Milton L. Baier
1952-53  Thomas N. Phelan
1952-53  Elmer B. McCahan, Jr.
1953-54  Robert L. Earnest
1953-54  W. H. Hoffstot
1954-55  Forrest S. Smith
1954-55  Gordon H. Snow
1955-56  James D. Fellers
1955-56  Thomas W. Wassell
1956-57  F. Carter Johnson, Jr.
1956-57  James P. Allen
1957-58  James A. Dixon
1957-58  John W. Joanis
1958-59  Frank X. Cull
1958-59  Herbert F. Dimond
1959-60  Franklin J. Marryott
1959-60  J. H. Gongwer
1960-62  E. A. Cowie
1961-63  James P. Allen
1962-64  George I. Whitehead, Jr.
1963-65  Frederick J. Orth
1964-66  Fred W. Perabo
1965-66  James Baylor
1966-68  Carl F. Wymore
1967-69  Donald B. Barker
1968-70  Edward S. Ring
1969-71  John E. Linster
1970-72  James H. Killian
1971-73  John A. McComb
1972-74  James W. Ferriman
1973-75  Marvin E. Verbeck
1974-76  Frederick A. Carroll
1975-77  James E. Postula
1976-78  John K. Dane
1977-79  George P. Bowie
1979-81  Harold T. Boone
1980-82  Thomas B. Columbus
1981-83  Robert J. Hettinger
1982       Paul W. Fager
1982-84  Thomas A. Harnett
1983-85  William R. Lanthorn
1984-86  C. David Sullivan
1986-87  Lloyd E. Monson
1986-88  John W. Allen
1987-89  M. Kenneth Doss
1988-90  C. John Malacarne
1989-91  Howard J. Sobczak
1990-92  Eugene J. Connor
1991-93  Murray L. Johnston, Jr.
1992-94  Edward L. Schrenk
1993-95  Charles W. Matthews
1994-96  John D. Cole
1995-97  M. Kenneth Frank, III
1996-98  Michael A. Fortune
1997-99  Stuart E. Rickerson
1998-00  Richard E. Fagerberg
1999-01  John G. Maxa
2000-03  Lee L. Bennett
2001-04  Kirk G. Forrest
2003-06  John H. Jones, Jr.
2004-07  Robert D. Hunter
2005-08  Adam C. Barker
2006-09  Joseph M. Goldberg
2007-10  George Edward Pickle, Jr.
2008-11  Alessandro P. Giorgetti
2009-12  Timothy J. Gephart
2010-13  Connie Lewis Lensing
2011-14  Pamela McGovern
2012-15  Daniel M. Zureich
2013-16  Alfred R. Paliani
2014-17  Emmanuèle Lutfalla
2015-18  Albert C. Hilber
2016-19  Patrick J. Conlon
2017-20  Colin Loveday
2018-21  Frank A. Lattal
2019-22  Aldos Vance
2020-23  Paul Lefebvre
2021-24  Thomas F. Lysaught

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1935-40  Harvey F. White
1940-47  Robert M. Noll
1947-52  Forrest S. Smith
1952-58  Charles E. Pledger, Jr.
1958-59  A. Frank O'Kelley
1959-64  George McD. Schlotthauer
1964-69  Joseph W. Griffin
1969-72  J. Woodrow Norvell
1972-75  Stephen A. Milwid
1975-78  Michel A. Coccia
1978-81  Richard B. Goethals
1981-84  Foster D. Arnett
1984-87  John W. Storer
1987-90  George I. Meisel
1989-93  Eugene Jericho
1992-96  James E. Pohlman
1995-99  William D. Booth
1998-02  Geoffrey S. Race
2002-05  John G. Maxa
2005-08  Robert A. Zupkus
2008-11  Michael Connelly
2011-14  Joseph E. O'Neil
2014-17  Leta E. Gorman
2017-20  Archibald T. Reeves, IV
2020-23  Donna Lamontagne

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1920-35  John A. Millener
1935-43  Richard B. Montgomery
1943-49  David I. McAlister
1949-55  John A. Kluwin
1955-59  A. Frank O'Kelley
1959-64  George McD. Schlotthauer
1964-69  Joseph W. Griffin
1969-72  J. Woodrow Norvell
1972-75  Stephen A. Milwid
1975-78  Michel A. Coccia
1978-81  Richard B. Goethals
1981-84  Foster D. Arnett
1984-87  John W. Storer
1987-90  George I. Meisel
1989-93  Eugene Jericho
1992-96  James E. Pohlman
1995-99  William D. Booth
1998-02  Geoffrey S. Race
2002-05  John G. Maxa
2005-08  Robert A. Zupkus
2008-11  Michael Connelly
2011-14  Joseph E. O'Neil
2014-17  Leta E. Gorman
2017-20  Archibald T. Reeves, IV
2020-23  Donna Lamontagne

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1934-55  George W. Yancey
1955-61  William E. Knepper
1961-63  Kraft W. Eidman
1963-72  R. Harvey Chappell, Jr.
1973-75  Robert R. Hume
1975-85  Lucian Y. Ray
1986-88  R. Crawford Morris
1988-92  G. Alan Cunningham
1992-14  Richard L. Neumeier
2014-16  Mary-Christine "M.C." Sungaila
2016-18  Michael Franklin Smith
2018-20  Kenneth R. Meyer
2020-22  Christopher B. Parkerson
2022-24  Marsha M. Piccone

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Executive Committee/Directors

1920-26  Andrew J. Ryan
1920-26  John B. Sullivan
1920-27  A. V. Rieke
1926-27  Charles R. Holton
1926-29  Martin P. Cornelius
1927-28  James L. Kearney
1927-29  D. E. C. Moore
1927-29  Walter F. Seay
1927-29  Frank H. Woodward
1929-30  Ray Martin
1929-30  Earl C. Mills
1929-30  Clapham Murray, Jr.
1929-31  Jacob S. White
1929-32  George W. Yancey
1930-31  Sidney J. Dillon
1930-31  Emilien Gadbeis
1930-31  James E. Kelley
1930-31  William B. Mahoney
1930-31  D. E. C. Moore
1930-31  Arthur G. Powell
1930-31  Robert Ruark
1930-32  Ernest Woodward
1931-32  William C. Davidson
1931-33  Ralph F. Potter
1931-33  S. Alton Ralph
1931-34  William O. Reeder
1931-34  J. Borton Weeks
1932-35  John G. McKay
1932-35  John F. Ward
1933-36  Marion N. Chrestman
1933-36  Garner W. Denmead
1933-36  Lowell White
1934-35  Arthur G. Powell
1934-37  Harry S. Knight
1934-37  Royce G. Rowe
1935-38  Milo H. Crawford
1935-38  Russell M. Knepper
1935-38  Miller Manier
1935-38  P. E. Reeder
1936-39  R. N. Caverly
1936-39  Gerald P. Hayes
1936-39  John A. Luhn
1937-40  Charles N. Orr
1937-40  B. W. Shackleford
1937-40  George M. Weichelt
1938-41  Wilson C. Jainsen
1938-41  Robert M. Noll
1938-41  Willis Smith
1939-42  Thomas N. Bartlett
1939-42  Joe G. Sweet
1939-43  Pat H. Eager, Jr.
1940-42  William O. Reeder
1940-44  F. B. Baylor
1940-44  J. Mearl Sweitzer
1941-46  Patrick F. Burke
1941-46  Francis M. Holt
1941-46  Paul J. McGough
1943-44  Kenneth B. Cope
1943-47  Hugh D. Combs
1943-47  Clarence W. Heyl
1944-47  W. Percy McDonald
1944-48  L. J. Carey
1944-48  Kenneth P. Grubb
1944-48  Henry W. Nichols
1946-49  A. B. Christovich
1946-49  L. Duncan Lloyd
1946-49  Wayne E. Stichter
1947-50  Milton A. Albert
1947-50  Wayne Ely
1947-50  Joseph A. Spray
1948-49  J. Harry La Brum
1948-51  Ernest W. Fields
1948-51  Franklin J. Marryott
1948-51  Robert M. Nelson
1949-52  John L. Barton
1949-52  J. A. Gooch
1949-52  Robert P. Hobson
1950-53  Lester P. Dodd
1950-53  Stanley C. Morris
1950-53  Royce G. Rowe
1951-54  Paul F. Ahlers
1951-54  John P. Faude
1951-54  William E. Knepper
1952-55  John H. Anderson, Jr.
1952-55  G. Arthur Blanchet
1952-55  Edward B. Raub, Jr.
1953-56  Forrest A. Betts
1953-56  Denman Moody
1953-56  J. Mearl Sweitzer
1954-57  Wilder Lucas
1954-57  Leonard G. Muse
1954-57  Francis Van Orman
1955-57  Warren G. Reed
1955-58  Sanford M. Chilcote
1955-58  Richard W. Galiher
1956-59  L. J. Carey
1956-59  Payne Karr
1956-59  Lewis C. Ryan
1956-62  Harold Scott Baile
1957-58  Gordon H. Snow
1957-60  Kraft W. Eidman
1957-60  John C. Graham
1957-60  Thomas N. Phelan
1958-61  Taylor H. Cox
1958-61  Walter O. Schell
1958-61  David L. Tressler
1959-62  Walter Humkey
1959-62  F. Carter Johnson, Jr.
1960-63  G. Cameron Buchanan
1960-63  Harley J. McNeal
1960-63  J. Kirby Smith
1961-64  Gordon R. Close
1961-64  Wiley E. Mayne
1961-64  Wallace E. Sedgwick
1962-63  G. W. Marsalek
1962-65  Stanley B. Long
1962-65  R. Newell Lusby
1963-66  Egbert L. Haywood
1963-66  Elmer E. Klaprat
1963-66  William M. O'Bryan
1964-65  Leroy G. Vandeveer
1964-67  Dan McGugin, Jr.
1964-67  Douglas Stripp
1964-67  S. Burns Weston
1965-68  Jesse W. Benton, Jr.
1965-68  Jean deGrandpre
1965-68  W. Ford Reese
1966-69  Paul R. Connolly
1966-69  Mark H. Makholm
1966-69  Samuel J. Powers, Jr.
1967-70  Michael R. Gallagher
1967-70  Edward J. Kelly
1967-70  Thomas M. Phillips
1968-69  John A. Loomis
1968-71  Alston Jennings
1968-71  Hugh E. Richeson
1969-70  Joseph W. Griffin
1969-72  John P. Arness
1969-72  William R. Moller
1970-71  Walter U. Westcott
1970-72  Robert R. Hume
1970-72  Willis Smith, Jr.
1970-73  Theodore P. Shield
1971-74  Thomas J. Casey
1971-74  Alvin R. Christovich, Jr.
1971-74  Jerry V. Walker
1972-73  R. Harvey Chappell, Jr.
1972-73  Alex Cheek
1972-75  Henry Burnett
1972-75  Robert D. Morrow
1972-75  John H. Mudd
1973-76  Darrell L. Havener
1973-76  John F. Mahoney, Jr.
1973-76  Erskine W. Wells
1974-77  Robert E. Leake, Jr.
1974-77  R. Crawford Morris
1974-77  William A. Wick
1975-78  John R. Hoehl
1975-78  Ronald E. McKinstry
1975-78  Edmond Rondepierre
1976-77  Neil K. Quinn
1976-79  Charles W. Donaldson
1976-79  Sterling Hutcheson
1977-80  William K. Christovich
1977-80  Eugene Jericho
1977-80  George I. Meisel
1978-81  John C. Clough
1978-81  G. Alan Cunningham
1978-81  Robert D. Norman
1979-82  William P. Cooney
1979-82  Grant P. DuBois
1979-82  Joseph F. Glass
1980-83  Robert Payne Karr
1980-83  Thomas H. Sharp, Jr.
1980-83  John W. Storer
1981-84  James A. Hourihan
1981-84  Albert Blackwell Stieglitz
1981-84  William H. Wallace
1982-85  Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr.
1982-85  Sheldon Hurwitz
1982-85  Richard P. Mahoney
1983-86  W. Richard Davis
1983-86  Perry L. Fuller
1983-86  J. Vincent O'Donnell
1984-87  Douglas M. Moore, Jr.
1984-87  George B. McGugin
1984-87  James E. Pohlman
1985-88  Walter R. Milbourne
1985-88  John J. Weigel
1985-88  Morris R. Zucker
1986-89  Robert G. Beshears
1986-89  Daniel T. Rabbitt
1986-89  Jay H. Tressler
1987-90  David J. Beck
1987-90  Duane E. Clapp, Jr.
1987-90  James M. Doran, Jr.
1988-91  R. K. Christovich
1988-91  Henry A. Hentemann
1988-91  Benj. Allston Moore, Jr.
1989-92  Paul D. Cooper
1989-92  Nicholas C. Nizamoff
1989-92  Michael A. Pope
1990-93  Leon D. Bess
1990-93  Paul R. Devin
1991-94  William D. Booth
1991-94  Harvey L. Kaplan
1991-94  Edward J. Rice, Jr.
1992-95  George Gore
1992-95  Geoffrey S. Race
1992-95  William C. Wood
1993-96  Thomas M. Donnell, Jr.
1993-96  Charles F. Preuss
1993-96  Rudolph L. Rose
1994-97  R. Davis Howser
1994-97  Christy D. Jones
1994-97  Rex K. Linder
1995-98  David A. McIntosh
1995-98  George A. Mitchell
1995-98  Edward S. Sledge, II
1996-99  Richard P. Campbell
1996-99  Thomas P. Grace
1996-99  Gregory C. Read
1997-00  Desmond T. Barry
1997-04  William C. Cleveland
1997-00  Terry Christovich Gay
1998-01  John C. Evans
1998-01  Joan Fullam Irick
1998-01  Larry B. Spikes
1999-02  Donald L. DeVries, Jr.
1999-02  Jack B. McCowan, Jr.
1999-02  J. Walter Sinclair
2000-03  George S. Hodges
2000-03  Christopher M. Tompkins
2000-03  Walter E. Zink
2001-04  S. Stuart Clark
2001-04  Cathy Havener Greer
2001-04  Gregory M. Lederer
2002-05  John S. Bradford
2002-05  Patrick Lysaught
2002-05  Bruce R. Parker
2003-06  William J. Brinkmann
2003-06  L. Gino Marchetti, Jr.
2003-06  Harry F. Mooney
2004-07  Christopher S. D’Angelo
2004-07  Jerome A. Galante
2004-07  Lyn P. Pruitt
2005-08  James M. Campbell
2005-08  Robert C. Manlowe
2005-08  Elizabeth Haecker Ryan
2006-09  Mercer K. (Bud) Clarke
2006-09  Joseph W. Ryan, Jr.
2006-09  Eric Watt Wiechmann
2007-10  D. Jeffrey Campbell
2007-10  William J. Perry
2007-10  Donald F. Zimmer, Jr.
2008-11  John R. Penhallegon
2008-11  Quentin F. Urquhart, Jr.
2008-11  Rebecca J. Wilson
2009-12  Molly H. Craig
2009-12  Lela M. Hollabaugh
2009-12  George J. Murphy
2010-13  Daniel K. Cray
2010-13  Tripp Haston
2010-13  Susan C. Roney
2011-14  Anton G. Maurer
2011-14  Kathleen J. Maus
2011-14  W. Thomas Siler, Jr.
2012-15  Nancy M. Erfle
2012-15  Kenneth R. Meyer
2012-15  John T. Lay, Jr.
2013-16  E. Paul Cauley, Jr.
2013-16  Andrew Kopon, Jr.
2013-16  Tamela J. White
2014-17  Jeptha F. Barbour
2014-17  Eve B. Masinter
2014-17  Craig A. Thompson
2015-18  Amy Sherry Fischer
2015-18  S. Gordon McKee
2015-18  David J. Rosenberg
2016-19  Andrew S. Chamberlin
2016-19  Deborah G. Cole
2016-19  Laura E. De Santos
2017-20  Molly Hughes Cherry
2017-20  Michael D. Crim
2017-20  Spencer H. Silverglate
2018-21  Mark R. Beebe
2018-21  Stephanie M. Rippee
2018-21  Thomas Rouhette
2019-22  Bonnie Mayfield
2019-22  Michele Smith
2019-22  Thomas W. "Trea" Southerland, III
2020-23  Christopher S. Berdy
2020-23  James F. Rogers
2020-23  Alba Arriaga Romano
2021-24  J. Dominic Campodonico
2021-24  Daniela Karollus-Bruner
2021-24  Christopher A. Kenney

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Trial Academy Faculties

John E. Clough, Director; Eugene Jericho; Ralph L Kaskell, Jr.; William R. Moller; Wm. Marshall Morgan; Neil K. Quinn
John E. Clough, Director; Alvin Christovich, Jr.; Michael Gallagher; Richard B. Goethals; Darrell L. Havener; John R. Hoehl
John E. Clough, Director; Henry Burnett; Michael A. Coccia; Rudolph Janata; Ronald E. McKinstry; Erskine Wells
John E. Clough, Director; Joseph F. Glass; William M. Howell; Robert E. Leake, Jr.; George I. Meisel
Richard C. Valentine, Director; William K. Christovich; James A. Hourihan; Robert D. Norman; Theodore P. Shield; A. Roger Witke
Richard C. Valentine, Director; Foster D. Arnett; Robert D. Brill; Robert C. Maynard; Daniel J. Ryan; Thomas H. Sharp, Jr.
Joseph F. Glass, Director; W. Richard Davis; Grant P. DuBois; Michael J. Merlo; R. Crawford Morris; John H. Mudd
Joseph F. Glass, Director; Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr.; Paul W. Brock; Paul S. Brown; Perry L. Fuller; Robert E. King; Paul R. Larkin; Thomas H. Sharp, Jr.
Thomas H. Sharp, Jr., Director; John P. Arness; F. Lee Campbell; Sheldon Hurwitz; Ernest B. Lageson; Donald F. Pierce; Samuel J. Powers, Jr.; Daniel T. Rabbitt
Thomas H. Sharp, Jr., Director; Robert Payne Karr; James J. McCabe; James Conklin Moore; Douglas M. Moore, Jr.; James Watson Morris, III; Michael J. Pfau; Donald F. Pierce; G. Duffield Smith, Jr.; Albert Blackwell Stieglitz; William H. Wallace; John J. Weigel
Donald F. Pierce, Director; Gerald P. Coley; Thomas M. Crisham; John M. Dinse; Calvin W. Hendrickson; Sterling Hutcheson; William R. Moss; G. Dewey Oxner, Jr.; James C. Rinaman, Jr.; Joseph A. Sherman; Fred H. Sievert, Jr.; Edward P. A. Smith; Jay H. Tressler; Thomas J. Wyllie; Morris R. Zucker
Donald F. Pierce, Director; Douglas M. Moore, Jr., Director-Elect; William Harold Albritton, III; David J. Beck; James D. Blount, Jr.; Calvin R. Danhof; James A. Dixon, Jr.; Robert L. Fanter; David F. Fitzgerald; Jack Hebdon; Dennis J. Horan; Donald L. James; Burton J. Johnson; Philip R. McCowan; George B. McGugin; Robert D. Morrow; Edward W. Mullins, Jr.; John S. Neely, Jr.; Thomas F. O'Connor; Donald Patterson; Edward J. Rice, Jr.; Theodore D. Sawyer
Douglas M. Moore, Jr., Director; Jay H. Tressler, Director-Elect; Henry L. Anderson; Wood Brown, III; Thomas E. Cinnamond; Duane E. Clapp, Jr.; Paul D. Cooper; Calvin F. David; J. Carlisle DeHay, Jr.; James M. Doran, Jr.; Dewey J. Gonsoulin; R. Davis Howser; J. Grant McCabe, III; S. D. Roberts Moore; F. Douglas O'Leary; James S. Oliphant; John D. Quinlivan
Douglas M. Moore, Jr., Director; Jay H. Tressler, Director-Elect; Donald C. Allen; Michael P. Atkinson; G. Alan Cunningham; David C. Goodwin; Beth L. Hoffman; Robert D. Monnin; Edgar A. Neely, III; Nicholas C. Nizamoff; James Kirk Perrin; Donald V. Richardson, III; Samuel G. Thompson; Michael E. Waldeck; Gary T. Walker; O'Neal Walsh; James A. Williams
Jay H. Tressler, Director; Edward J. Rice, Jr., Director-Elect; Lane D. Bauer; Leon D. Bess; Richard K. Christovich; William C. Cleveland, III; Michael Connelly; Edward S. Corlett, III; Thomas F. Daly; Thomas M. Donnell, Jr.; Kevin J. Dunne; Rex K. Linder; Frederick M. Meyers; Walter R. Milbourne; C. Barry Montgomery; James E. Pohlman; Rudolph L. Rose
Edward J. Rice, Jr., Director; James M. Doran, Jr., Director-Elect; William D. Booth; Paul D. Cooper; S. William Fuller; George F. Gore; Thomas P. Grace; William M. Hagwood, III; Lewis B. Hollabaugh; J. Kimbrough Johnson; George H. Mitchell; Michael A. Pope; Charles F. Preuss; Gregory C. Read; Robert D. Sheehy; William C. Wood
James M. Doran, Jr., Director; Duane E. Clapp, Jr., Director-Elect; Robert E. Banker; Rocco Conte; James L. Gallagher; Henry A. Hentemann; John I. Hulse, IV; Alston Jennings; Christy D. Jones; Harvey L. Kaplan; Lloyd H. Milliken, Jr.; Benjamin Allston Moore, Jr.; Geoffrey S. Race; Robert E. Scott, Jr.; Edward S. Sledge, III; Timothy L. Walker; Weldon S. Wood
Duane E. Clapp, Jr., Director; Paul D. Cooper, Director-Elect; John E. Clough; Harding B. Cure; William M. Dalehite, Jr.; Robert E. Frost; Richard L. Griffith; Robert H. Hood; James R. Kohl; Patrick Lysaught; Richard P. Mahoney; Patrick E. Maloney; Lawrence L. McNamara; Joe W. Redden, Jr.; Dan A. Rogers; John J. Thomason; Bruce D. Wagner
Paul D. Cooper, Director; Edward S. Sledge, III, Director-Elect; David G. Brock; Myron J. Bromberg; Richard P. Campbell; John C. Combe, Jr.; Michael DeMarco; Donald L.DeVries, Jr.; Charles F. Gay, Jr.; P. N. Harkins, III; Stephen K. Heard; Jeffrey W. Hutson; Ronald A. May; C. Patrick McLarney; Kathleen Howard Meredith; Randa Rawlins; Rebecca Jo Rese
Edward S. Sledge, III, Director; Harvey L. Kaplan, Director-Elect; Edward Jones Currie, Jr.; A. Thomas Elder, Jr.; Clayton H. Farnham; Mark Gregory Farrell; Terry Christovich Gay; Robert Emmett Kerrigan, Jr.; Charles A. Lynberg; John E. Martindale; Jack B. McCowan, Jr.; James M. Moody; Harry F. Mooney; Stephen G. Morrison; Howard K. Priess, II; Larry B.  Spikes; Mary A. Wells
Harvey L. Kaplan, Director; Robert E. Scott, Jr., Director-Elect; James K. Archibald; Desmond T. Barry; Reeder R. Fox; L. Anderson Galyon, III; Thomas W. Godfrey; Charles F. Gotch; Lauren E. Handler; Stephen J. Paris; Albert H. Parnell; Alan T. Radnor; Archie Stirling Robinson; Kenneth Tekell; Lee Davis Thames; Robert C. Tucker; Pattie Gilman West
Robert E. Scott, Jr., Director; Christy D. Jones, Director-Elect; John W. Bell; Davis Carr; John W. Cowden; Otway B. Denny, Jr.; David E. Dukes; Richard L. Edwards; Giles J.Gaca; Neil A. Goldberg; Richard E. Guster; Joan Fullam Irick; Gary C. Ottoson; Joseph W. Ryan, Jr.; William R. Sampson; Christopher W. Tompkins; Carol M. Welch
Christy D. Jones, Director; Myron J. Bromberg, Director-Elect; Phil B. Abernathy; Michael M. Christovich; Richard B. Collins; Richard A. Dean; W. James Foland; James C. Gacioch; C. Allen Gibson, Jr.; Edward A. Hannan; Gregory M. Lederer; Theodore J. MacDonald, Jr.; James L. McCrystal, Jr.; Bruce R. Parker; Barbara Radnofsky; James M. Simpson; Scott J. Tucker
Myron J. Bromberg, Director; William M. Dalehite, Jr., Director-Elect; Richard E. Arvidson; Bruce Taylor Bishop; Ralph W. Brenner; Lawrence G. Cetrulo; Barry L. Davis; J. Michael Fordney; Anita Hotchkiss; Lynn Luker; Charles J. Muchmore; Gita F. Rothschild; Rudolf G. Schade, Jr.; Janine Syll Simerly; James R. Sutterfield; Eric Watt Wiechmann; Frank C. Woodside, III
William M. Dalehite, Jr., Director; P. N.  Harkins, III, Director-Elect; Judith A. Aydelott; Jeptha F. Barbour; Bonnie J. Beavan; James M. Campbell; Joseph M. Goldberg; J. M. Hudgins, IV; Mary Nold Larimore; Gayle Malone, Jr.; W. Francis Marion; Michael McLaren; Lyndon Molzahn; Larry Ottaway; David Phipps; Joseph V. Walker; W. Scott Welch, III
P. N. Harkins, III, Director; William C. Cleveland, III, Director-Elect; John S. Bradford; Carl B. Epps, III; John S. Ewan, II; Donald H. Flanary, Jr.; Harold J. Friedman; Cathy Havener Greer; D'Ana E. Johnson; Robert S. Krause; Richard H. Krochock; Nancy A. Lawson; Ralph A. Lombardi; Patrick A. Long; Daniel J. Pope; Gary E. Snodgrass; Mark C. Surprenant
William C. Cleveland, III, Director; Larry B. Spikes, Director-Elect; Daniel F. Beasley; William J. Brinkmann; William B. Crow; Robert A. Curley, Jr.; Jerome A. Galante; George S. Hodges; Rebecca Laffitte; George J. Lavin, Jr.; Jerry E. Mitchell; Stephen E. Scheve; J. Walter Sinclair; Paul F. Strain; Ronald J. Waicukauski; Walter E. Zink, II
Larry B. Spikes, Director; Gary T. Walker, Director-Elect; Mercer K. Clarke; Lori G. Cohen; Daniel K. Cray; Howard Daigle, Jr.; Richard M. Dunn; Bruce Hall; Elizabeth C. Honeywell; E. Lee Horton; Peter C. Knight; L. Gino Marchetti, Jr.; Lyn P. Pruitt; Thomas B. Quinn; Thomas L. Toone; Richard G. Ward; Robert A. Zupkus
George J. Lavin, Jr., Director; Mary A. Wells, Director-Elect; Sheryl L. Anderson; Arthur P. Greenfield; Brian T. Henry; Harry K. Herren; Caine O'Rear, III; Randall R. Riggs; Joseph J. Roper; Jerry L. Saporito; Daniel J. Scully, Jr.; T. Thomas Singer; Charles Q. Socha; Jeffrey S. Stern; E. Wayne Taff; Tina M. Traficanti; George J. Ziser
Mary A. Wells, Director; Scott J. Tucker, Director-Elect; Robert H. Alexander, Jr.; John A. Anderson; William Book; W. Kyle Carpenter; Phyllis M. Hix; Lawrence R. King; Dow N. Kirkpatrick, II; Dwight D. Murray; James A. O'Neal; Joseph E. O'Neil; Eduardo Roberto Rodriguez; Diane P. Sullivan; Chilton Davis Varner; Thomas S. White; Donald F. (Fritz) Zimmer, Jr.
Scott J. Tucker, Director; Bruce R. Parker, Director-Elect; Jack T. Bangert; Christopher S. D'Angelo; Robert C. Gebhardt; Joseph A. Gerling; Michael D. Huber; Andrew Kopon, Jr.; Robert C. Manlowe; Elizabeth Robben Murray; Gary E. Snodgrass; Steven J. Strawbridge; John E. Tener; Lana Kay Varney; David H. Wallace; J. Michael Weston
Bruce R. Parker, Director; James M. Campbell, Director-Elect; Lawrence R. Bailey, Jr.; Michael K. Brown; Thomas J. Foley; Cary E. Hiltgen; Nancy S. Jones; Rafael E. Martinez; D. Mitchell McFarland; Stephen F. McKinney; Mark S. Olson; Roger G. Perkins; Debra E. Pole; Elizabeth Haecker Ryan; Frank A. Silane; W. Kennedy Simpson; Michael J. Wiggins
James M. Campbell, Director; Joseph W. Ryan, Jr., Director-Elect; Thomas A. Banducci; E. Paul Cauley, Jr.; Patrick J. Conlon; Thad T. Dameris; Basil A. Disipio; Kathleen J. Maus; John D. Mayne; Donna D. Melby; John R. Penhallegon; Regina A. Petty; Mary Quinn-Cooper; Susan C. Roney; David J. Rosenberg; Quentin F. Urquhart, Jr.; Sheryl J. Willert
Joseph W. Ryan, Jr., Director; Daniel J. Scully, Jr., Director-Elect; Timothy F. Daniels; Maxon R. Davis; Margaret O’Connor Hoffmann; Brian P. Johnson; Henry M. Knoblock; Patricia E. Lowry; Creighton “Chip” Magid; Karen K. Maston; George J. Murphy; James D. Nelson; Samuel W. Outten; William G. Porter, II; Bruce A. Rubin; Hilary S. Taylor; Jane Fugate Thorpe
Daniel J. Scully, Jr., Director; Randall R. Riggs, Director-Elect; John C. Aisenbrey; William H. Bave, Jr.; Morris C. Carrington; William J. Conroy; Molly H. Craig; Cathryn R. Ensign; Nancy M. Erfle; Francis J. Grey, Jr.; John F. Kuppens; Ivan M. Rodriguez; Joseph J. Roper; Kevin C. Schiferl; Thomas D. Schroeder; Lawrence A. Sutter; Robert T. Veon
Randall R. Riggs, Director; Daniel K. Cray, Director-Elect; William Harold Albritton, III; Randy Bibb, Jr.; Walter L. Cofer; Charles H. Cole; Brian P. Crosby; Beth Fleishman; Jeffrey L. O'Hara; Stephen J. Powell; Jaime A. Saenz; Manuel Sanchez; Charles A. Stewart, III; John B. Tally, Jr.; John C. Trimble; Brian P. Voke; Tamela J. White
Daniel K.Cray, Director; Debra E. Pole, Director-Elect; James P. Craig; Gary W. Davis, Jr.; Philippa V. Ellis; Fred M. Haston, III; Lela M. Hollabaugh; John Thomas Lay, Jr.; Joseph McHale; Gerard Thomas Noce; Archibald T. Reeves, IV; Martha L. Shaff; W. Thomas Siler, Jr.; Spencer H. Silverglate; Jeffrey L. Tasse; D. Alan Thomas; M. Gary Toole
Debra E. Pole, Director; Jeptha F. Barbour, Director-Elect; Charles D. Bavol; Joseph G. Blute; Clarence Davis; Christopher A. Duggan; Edward W. Gerecke; Leta E. Gorman; Sara J. Gourley; Clifford L. Harrison; Kenneth R. Meyer; Jeffrey W. Moryan; T. David Rheney; Morgan S. Templeton; Gene M. Williams; Raymond M. Williams
Jeptha F. Barbour, Director; Robert A. Curley, Director-Elect; Mark R. Beebe; H. Lanier Brown, II; Ann Thornton Field; Amy Sherry Fischer; Christopher A. Kenney; James A. King; Neva G. Lusk; William N. Reed; Alba Arriaga Romano; Randal H. Sellers; Todd W. Smyth; Matthew A. Taylor; Margaret Fonshell Ward; Richard M. Waris
Robert A. Curley, Director; Charles H. Cole, Director-Elect; Robert R. Baugh; Michael A. Brown; Carol Dan Browning; Dwight J. Davis; Jennifer Haltom Doan; Kyle H. Dreyer; Michael F. Healy; Brooks R. Magratten; Henry T. Morrissette; Susan D. Murphy; Niall A. Paul; Daniel Rapaport; Jon D. Starr; Saul Wilensky
Charles H. Cole, Director; John R. Penhallegon, Director-Elect; Douglas L. Brown; R. Matthew Cairns; Roy Alan Cohen; T. Thomas Cottingham, III; Kimberly Hardeman; Carol P. Michel; Douglas J. Pomatto; Michele Smith; Peter E. Sperling; Russel O. Stewart; Craig A. Thompson; Marc E. Williams; George E. Wolf; Pamela J. Yates
John R. Penhallegon, Director; Spencer Silverglate, Director-Elect; R. Bruce Barze, Jr.; John J. Bateman; Brigid M. Carpenter; Andrew S. Chamberlin; Mary Alane Downs; Robert H. Hood, Jr.; Thomas J. Hurney, Jr.; Walter Johnson; Wendy D. May; Mary Anne Mellow; Stuart P. Miller; Christopher P. Parkerson; Charles E. Reynolds, II; Steven R. Schwegman
Spencer H. Silverglate, Director; Donald F. (Fritz) Zimmer, Jr., Director-Elect; Donna L. Burden; M. Warren Butler; Emily G. Coughlin; Asim K. Desai; Gustave A. Fritchie, III; Alex J. Hagan; Bradford B. Ingram; James W. Jennings, Jr.; Jeffrey R. Johnson; Gerry Lowry; Christine A. Marlewski; Stephanie M. Rippee; James F. Rogers; Henry M. Sneath
Donald F. (Fritz) Zimmer, Jr., Director; Lyn P. Pruitt, Director-Elect; Rebecca Weinstein Bacon; Christopher D. Brown; Mark S. Cheffo; Molly Hughes Cherry; Karen R. Glickstein; Wendy D. May; William C. McGowin; Raymond G. Mullady, Jr.; Kenneth A. Murphy; Curtis L. Ott; Richard A. Schneider; Stephen W. Vescovo; William Curtis Webb
Lyn P. Pruitt, Director; Christopher A. Kenney, Director-Elect; Mel D. Bailey; Jane E. Bockus; Jerry W. Blackwell; Michelle Cauley Browning; Todd P. Davis; Vincent Galvin, Jr.; Ursula M. Henninger; James D. Holland; Maria Katina Karos; Sherry A. Knutson; Paula A. Koczan; R. Clinton Saxton; Larry D. Smith; Deborah St. Lawrence Thompson
Christopher A. Kenney, Director; Nancy M. Erfle, Director-Elect; Mollie Benedict; Christopher S. Berdy; Michael D. Crim; Asim K. Desai; Heather C. Devine; Jane W. Duke; Thomas M. Hinchey; Paul V. Kelly; Patrick J. Loftus; Bonnie Mayfield; James T. Seigfreid, Jr.; Edward S. Sledge, IV; Johner T. Wilson, III; Sandra J. Wunderlich
Nancy M. Erfle, Director; Michael A. Brown, Director-Elect; Sonia Bjorkquist; Jack E. Bockus; Maja C. Eaton; Dennis S. Ellis; Gary D. Elliston; Peter J. Fazio; Chad R. Hutchinson; Caryn Geraghty Jorgensen; Michael R. Klatt; Kimberly B. Martin; Tammy J. Meyer; Mark A. Prost; Terrence O. Reed; John E. Tull III
Michael A. Brown, Director; Edward S. Sledge IV, Director-Elect; Jennifer R. Annis; Candace A. Blydenburgh; Andrew Gendron; Brandee J. Kowalzyk; Daniel E. Krauth; H. Grant Law; Dana C. Lumsden; Allen C. Miller; Daniel I. Reisler; Michelle I. Schaffer; Sharon Donaldson Stuart; Douglas Vaughn
Edward S. Sledge IV, Director; M. Warren Butler, Director-Elect; Elizabeth Sorenson Brotten; Sharon L. Caffrey; Robert L. Christie; Shayna Cook; Christopher S. Drewry; Zandra E. Foley; James B. Hood; Lee Mickus; Eric Todd Presnell; Jason C. Rose; Robert L. Shannon, Jr.; Junior Sirivar; Amy M. Stewart; Phillip S. Sykes

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Nominating Committee Chairs and Members

1982  Robert E. Leake, Jr., Chair; Robert G. Beshears; James J. Donovan; William R. Lanthorn; Jay H. Tressler
1983  John R. Hoehl, Chair; Harold T. Boone; Robert D. Brill; G. Alan Cunningham; Edgar A. Neely, Jr.
1984  Neil K. Quinn, Chair; Thomas E. Cooney; Robert M. Kelly; John J. Langenbach; John J. Weigel
1985  Robert D. Norman, Chair; George P. Bowie; Joseph F. Glass; James S. Oliphant; Daniel J. Ryan
1986  William K. Christovich, Chair; C. John Malacarne; Theodore D. Sawyer; Claude H. Smart, Jr.; W. Stancil Starnes
1987  John R. Hoehl, Chair (Serving for Grant P. DuBois); Lane D. Bauer; Leon D. Bess; R. K. Christovich; Michael J. Merlo
1988  Grant P. DuBois, Chair; William D. Booth; Paul R. Devin; Geoffrey S. Race; William C. Wood
1989  William H. Wallace, Chair; John W. Allen; Robert Emmett Kerrigan, Jr.; Frederick M. Meyers; Gregory C. Read
1990  Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr., Chair; Barry Donald Brown; Thomas W. Godfrey; James E. Pohlman; Rudolph L. Rose
1991  W. Richard Davis, Chair; Michael J. Brady; William Moore Dalehite, Jr.; Thomas P. Grace; Richard P. Mahoney
1992  George B. McGugin, Chair; Mark O'Neil; Gregory C. Read; Frederick D. Turner; D. Gibson Walton
1993  Morris R. Zucker, Chair; A.T. Elder, Jr.; Christy D. Jones; Rex K. Linder; Edward Squier Neal
1994  Jay H. Tressler, Chair; Arthur S. Barry; Richard B. Collins; Joan F. Irick; David O. Larson
1995  David J. Beck, Chair; Desmond T. Barry, Jr.; Nicholas Carson, Esq.; Phyllis M. Hix, Esq.; Edward L. Schrenk, Esq.
1996  Henry A. Hentemann, Chair; Michael M Christovich; Donald H. Flanary, Jr.; William M. Hagood, III; Ronald Waicukauski
1997  Michael A. Pope, Chair; Donald L. DeVries, Jr.; Michael Dobias; J. Phillip Malcom; R. Jo Reser
1998  Kevin J. Dunne, Chair; Ken Frank; George S. Hodges; J. Walter Sinclair; Mary Wells
1999  Edward J. Rice, Chair; William J. Brinkmann; Dr. Christian Edye; Cathy Havener Greer; L. Gino Marchetti, Jr.
2000  George Gore, Chair; M. Elizabeth Bennett; Patrick Lysaught; Timothy J. Muldowney; John R. Penhallegon
2001  Charles F. Preuss, Chair; Robert C. Manlowe; Rafael E. Martinez; Bruce R. Parker; Rebecca J. Wilson
2002  Rex K. Linder, Chair; Michael Connelly; Harry F. Mooney; Lyn P. Pruitt; Joseph T. Sweeney
2003  George H. Mitchell, Chair; James Campbell; Bud Clarke; Regina Petty; Elizabeth Ryan
2004  Gregory C. Read, Chair; Shaun McParland Baldwin; George J. Lavin, Jr.; Quentin F. Urquhart, Jr.; Sheryl J. Willert
2005  George Gore, Chair; Robert A. Curley, Jr.; Michael J. Holland; Kathy Maus; George Edward Pickle, Jr.
2006  William C. Cleveland, Chair; D. Jeffrey Campbell; Christy D. Jones; William J. Perry; Randall R. Riggs
2007  Charles Preuss, Chair; Daniel K. Cray; Lauren Beck Harris; Lela M. Hollabaugh; Scott J. Tucker
2008  Walt Sinclair, Chair; Chuck Cole; Rick Dunn; Pam McGovern; Tammy White
2009  George Hodges, Chair; Mark Beebe; Nancy Erfle;  John T. Lay; Anton Maurer
2010  Greg Lederer, Chair; Amy Fischer; Roger Perkins; Thomas Rouhette; Dan Scully
2011  Bruce Parker, Chair; Chris Berdy; Andy Kopon; Gord McKee; MC Sungaila
2012  Gino Marchetti, Chair; Deborah Cole; Paul Cauley; Emmanuèle Lutfalla; Craig Thompson
2013  Rob Hunter, Chair; Eve Masinter; Jim Rogers; David Rosenberg; Ianika Tzankova
2014  Jim Campbell, Chair; Paul Lefebvre; Brooks Magratten; Michele Smith; Jessie Zeigler
2015  Joe Ryan, Chair; Moses Kim; Alba Romano; Steven Rosenhek; Russell Stewart
2016  Bill Perry, Chair; Donna Burden; Donna Lamontagne; Terrence Reed; Spencer Silverglate
2017  Quentin F. Urquhart, Jr., Chair; Asim K. Desai; Bonnie Mayfield; Peter J. Pliszka; Stephanie M. Rippee
2018  Molly H. Craig, Chair; Dominic Campodonico; Louis Charette; Peggy Ward; Sandy Wunderlich
2019  Tripp Haston, Chair; Kay Barnes Baxter; Sylvie Gallage-Alwis; Marty Healy; Eric Lasker 
2020  Joseph E. O'Neil, Chair; Mollie Benedict; Joseph D. Cohen, Manuel Moctezuma, T. David Rheney
2021  John T. Lay, Chair; Heather Devine; Christopher S. Drewry; Deborah St. Lawrence Thompson; Johner T. "J.T." Wilson III
2022  Andrew Kopon Jr., Chair; Mark Behrens; Shannon Joseph; Christopher Parkerson; Sharon Stuart
2023  Craig A. Thompson, Chair; J. Nathan Cole; Kendall Harrison; Carol P. Michel; Döne Yalçın
2024  Amy Sherry Fischer, Chair; Anna Cook; Chris Lam; Peter Pizzi; Amy Stewart

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Past General Convention Chairs

1970  John R. Hoehl  
1971  John F. Mahoney, Jr. 
1972  Michel A. Coccia  
1973  Theodore P. Shield 
1974  John R. Hoehl  
1975  William K. Christovich 
1976  Eugene Jericho  
1977  Robert E. Leake, Jr. 
1978  Richard B. Goethals 
1979  Joseph F. Glass  
1980  Thomas H. Sharp, Jr. 
1981  William H. Wallace 
1982  James A. Hourihan 
1983  W. Richard Davis  
1984  Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr. 
1985  Donald F. Pierce  
1986  Jay H. Tressler 
1987  David J. Beck  
1988  Edward J. Rice, Jr. 
1989  Morris R. Zucker
1990  James M. Doran, Jr.
1991  Kevin J. Dunne  
1992  Edward S. Sledge, III 
1993  Geoffrey S. Race  
1994  Gregory and Beth Read 
1995  George and Nancy Mitchell
1996  William and Anne Cleveland
1997  George and Eileen Hodges
1998  Larry and Valerie Spikes 
1999  Shaun and Jim McParland Baldwin
2000  Christopher Tompkins and Mimi Winslow
2001  Gregory and Elizabeth Lederer
2002  Daniel and Tammy Beasley
2003  Gino and Jeanne Marchetti
2004  Jerome and Julie Galante 
2005  Jack and Jeanne Bangert
2006  Daniel and Josette Cray 
2007  John and Sharon Penhallegon
2008  Joseph and Karen O'Neil 
2009  Molly and Steve Craig 
2010  Henry and Beth Morrissette
2011  John T. and Sharon Lay
2012  Leta and Mark Gorman
2013  Spencer and Kat Silverglate
2014  Craig Thompson and Deborah St. Lawrence Thompson
2015  Laura and Joe De Santos
2016  Mark and Anne Beebe
2017  Ivan and Stephanie Rodriquez
2018  Donna Lamontagne and Tom Patriarca
2019  Michelle and Jon Hernandez
2020  Dominic Campodonico and Matt Stitham
2021  Chris and Patty Kenney
2022  Manuel and Paulina Moctezuma
2023  Chris and Anne Lam
2024  Sandy and Tom Wunderlich

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Continuing Legal Education Chairs and Midyear and Annual Meeting Program Chairs

1990  Kevin J. Dunne  
1991  Nicholas C. Nizamoff 
1992  Walter R. Milbourne 
1993  William C. Wood  
1994  Edward J. Rice, Jr. 
1995  James L. McCrystal, Jr. 
1996  James L. McCrystal, Jr. 
1997  Richard P. Campbell 
1998  Richard P. Campbell 
1999  Ronald J. Waicukauski 
2000  Ronald J. Waicukauski 
2001  Eric Watt Wiechmann 
2002  Eric Watt Wiechmann 
2003  Ronald E. Bailey
2004  Lyn P. Pruitt  
2005  Phyllis M. Hix  
2006  Stephen E. Scheve  
2007  James M. Simpson 
2008  Rebecca J. Wilson 
2009  Regina A. Petty, Chair
2009  Quentin F. Urquhart, Jr., Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2009  Andrew S. Chamberlin, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2010  Regina A. Petty, Chair 
2010  E. Paul Cauley, Jr., Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2010  Fred M. (Tripp) Haston III, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2011  Kenneth R. Meyer, Chair
2011  Eve B. Masinter, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2011  Henry T. Morrissette, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2012  Kenneth R. Meyer, Chair
2012  Spencer H.  Silverglate, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2012  Mark R. Beebe, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2013  Emilia L. Sweeney, Chair
2013  Archie T. Reeves, IV, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2013  Molly Hughes Cherry, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2014  Emmanuèle Lutfalla, Chair
2014  Amy Sherry Fischer, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2014  Christopher S. Berdy, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2015  Deborah G. Cole, Chair
2015  Creighton (Chip) Magid, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2015  Alex J. Hagan, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2016  Deborah G. Cole, Chair
2016  Mollie Benedict, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2016  Christopher A. Kenney, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2017  Christopher S. Berdy, Chair
2017  Brigid M. Carpenter, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2017  Michele Smith, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2018  Eric G. Lasker, Chair
2018  Robert F. Redmond, Jr., Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2018  Steven Rosenhek, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2019  Wendy D. May, Chair
2019  James F. Rogers, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2019  Alba Arriaga Romano, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2020  Christopher S. Berdy, Chair
2020  Mark D. Hansen, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2020  Jessalyn H. Zeigler, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2021  Charles E. Reynolds, II, Chair
2021  Joseph D. Cohen, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2021  Sandra J. Wunderlich, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2022  Karen Glickstein, Chair
2022  Kirstin Abel, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2022  Christopher C. Lam, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2023  Deborah K. St. Lawrence Thompson, Chair
2023  Christopher S. Drewry, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2023  Heather C. Devine, Annual Meeting Program Chair
2024  Sharon Donaldson Stuart, Chair
2024  Martin J. Healy, Midyear Meeting Program Chair
2024  Cheryl Woodin, Annual Meeting Program Chair

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Open Forum Chairs

1948  Wayne E. Stichter
1949  Wayne E. Stichter
1950  Lester P. Dodd
1951  Lester P. Dodd
1952  Denman Moody
1953  Denman Moody
1954  John L. Lancaster, Jr.
1955  Walter Ely
1956  Richard B. Montgomery, Jr.
1957  Kraft W. Eidman
1958  Thomas M. Phillips
1959  George I. Whitehead, Jr.
1960  Sanford M. Chilcote
1961  Jack Heldon
1962  A. Frank O’Kelley
1963  John C. Elam
1964  A. Lee Bradford
1965  Frank J. Knapp
1966  Gordon R. Close
1967  Edward J. Kelly
1968  Hamilton Lokey
1969  Michael R. Gallagher
1970  Alston Jennings
1971  Theodore P. Shield
1972  Stephen A. Milwid
1973  Alvin R. Christovich, Jr.
1974  William M. Howell  
1975  Crawford Morris  
1976  George I. Meisel  
1977  John E. Clough  
1978  Blake Tartt  
1979  William K. Christovich
1980  Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr. 
1981  James A. Hourihan 
1982  Robert Payne Karr 
1983  Rudolph Janta  
1984  Jay H. Tressler  
1985  David J. Beck  
1986  Paul W. Brock  
1987  Douglas M. Moore, Jr. 
1988  Leon D. Bess  
1989  Henry A. Hentemann 
1990  Harvey L. Kaplan  
1991  Rex K. Linder  
1992  George F. Gore  
1994  Charles F. Preuss 
1995  Richard P. Campbell 
1996  Jack B. McCowan, Jr. 
1997  Terry Christovich Gay 
1998  Bruce R. Parker  
1999  Richard L. Edwards 
2000  Harry F. Mooney  
2001  Paul M. Hummer  
2002  Ronald J. Waicukauski 
2003  Daniel J. Scully, Jr. 
2004  John D. Mayne  
2005  William G. Porter, II 
2007  Fritz Zimmer  
2008  Lela Hollabaugh  
2009  Maxon R. Davis  
2010  Christopher A. Duggan
2011  Otway B. Denny, Jr.
2012  Peter Pliszka
2013  Deborah G. Cole
2014  Daniela Karollus-Bruner
2015  Mark R. Beebe
2016  Clifford M. Greene
2017  Steven Rosenhek
2018  Manuel P. Barrocas
2019  Aldos Vance
2021  J. Dominic Campodonico
2022  Charles E. Reynolds, II
2023  J. Calhoun Watson
2024  Heidi B. Friedman

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Corporate Counsel College Deans

1998  David J. Beck  
1999  David J. Beck  
2000  David J. Beck  
2001  Kevin J. Dunne  
2002  Charles F. Preuss 
2003  Michael Pope  
2004  Desmond T. Barry 
2005  Richard P. Campbell 
2006  Gregory C. Read  
2007  William C. Cleveland 
2008  J. Walter Sinclair  
2009  David E. Dukes  
2010  Cathy Havener Greer
2011  T. Thomas Cottingham, III
2012  Bruce R. Parker
2013  George S. Hodges
2014  Robert D. Hunter
2015  James M. Campbell
2016  Connie Lewis Lensing
2017  Molly H. Craig
2018  Tripp Haston
2019  Joseph E. O'Neil
2020  John T. Lay, Jr.
2021  Andrew Kopon Jr.
2022  John T. Lay, Jr.
2023  Craig A. Thompson
2024  Amy Sherry Fischer

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International Corporate Counsel College Directors

2008  John L. Meltzer  
2009  Roderick Bourke  
2010  Dr. Anton Maurer
2011  Thomas Rouhette
2012  Adam C. Barker
2012  Christopher S. D’Angelo
2013  Emmanuèle Lutfalla
2014  Alessandro P. Giorgetti
2015  Daniela Karollus-Bruner
2016  Paul Lefebvre
2017  William J. Perry
2018  Ianika Tzankova
2019  Jodok Wicki
2022  Alexandra Simotta
2023  Sylvie Gallage-Alwis

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Joan Fullam Irick Award Winners

2009  Anton G. Maurer, International Committee
2010  Spencer H. Silverglate, Trial Tactics and Techniques Committee
2011  Leta E. Gorman, Product Liability Committee
2012  Emmanuèle Lutfalla, International Committee
2013  Amy Sherry Fischer, Product Liability Committee
2014  Robert F. Redmond, Jr., Toxic and Hazardous Substances Litigation Committee
2015  Edward S. Sledge, IV, Business Litigation Committee
2016  Mark Behrens, Civil Justice Response Committee
2017  Carl A. Maio, Audit Committee
2018  Thomas "Trea" W. Southerland, III, Corporate Counsel Committee
2019  Joseph D. Cohen, Membership Committee
2020  Sharon D. Stuart, Insurance and Reinsurance Committee
2021  Thomas J. Lysaught, Insurance Executive Committee
2022  Heather C. Devine, Transportation Committee
2023  David L. Patron, Cyber Security, Data Privacy and Technology Committee
2023  Cheryl Woodin, Product Liability Committee
2024  Döne Yalçın, International Committee

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Richard L. Neumeier Excellence in Service Award Winners

2016  Mary-Christine "M.C." Sungaila
2017  Anton G. Maurer
2018  Tripp Haston
2019  Bonnie Mayfield
2020  Kendall Harrison
2021  Amy Sherry Fischer
2022  Christopher B. Parkerson
2023  Edward S. Sledge IV
2024  Alba Arriaga Romano

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IADC Project Award Winners

2017  Defense Counsel Training Manual: Stephanie M. Rippee, Andrew S. Chamberlin, Henry T. Morrissette, and E. Paul Cauley, Jr.
2021  Centennial Committee: Dan Cray, Shaun Baldwin, Mark Beebe, Chris Drewry, Stephanie Drewry, Amy Sherry Fischer, Ashley Hatfield, Mary Beth Kurzak, Cecilia Lahaye, Greg Lederer, Diana Leon, Christopher Parkerson, Ivan Rodriguez, Kat Silverglate, Junior Sirivar, Quentin Urquhart
2022  IADC Diversity Roadmap: Calhoun Watson
2023  Benchmarking for Success Series: Christine Egner and Thomas W. "Trea" Southerland III
2023  IADC Leadership Forum: Stanley C. Ball and Molly H. Craig
2024  IADC Speaks Podcast Committee Chair: Mollie Benedict
2024  Rule 702 Circuit Guide in the Defense Counsel Journal: Eric G. Lasker and Joshua K. Leader

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President's Award Winners

2019  Kat Silverglate
2020  IADC Staff: Mary Beth Kurzak, T.C. Bastin, Rebecca Zurcher Foltz, Ashley Hatfield, Mary Huang, Maria Juarez, Diana Leon, Amy O'Maley McGuire, Melisa Maisel Vanis, Donna Villa
2021  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee's Active Ally Series: Joseph D. Cohen, Heidi B. Friedman, Zandra E. Foley, Deborah St. Lawrence Thompson
2022  Heidi B. Friedman (for her solid leadership, enthusiasm, and hard work on many projects and efforts including diversity, equity, and inclusion and continuing legal education)
2023  Stephen J. Zralek (for his invaluable contributions to the advancement of IADC's Wildly Important Goals through increasing engagement and membership)
2024  Kirstin Abel (for her invaluable contributions to the advancement of IADC's Wildly Important Goals through creative leadership to increase membership engagement)

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Award Winners

2019  Diverse Attorney Pipeline Program (Chasity Boyce and Alicia Wilson)
2022  Stanley C. Ball
2023  Hamilton, Miller & Birthisel
2024  Melanie D. Margolin

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Social Justice Pro Bono Award Winners

2021  Robert F. Redmond, Jr.

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IADC Trial Academy Lawyers Hall of Fame Winners

2024  Bobby Hood, Sr.

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George W. Yancey Memorial Award Winners

1963  S. Burns Weston, A Defense Lawyer Looks At Products Liability and Res Ipsa Loquitur
1964  Wallace E. Sedgwick, Products Liability:  Trial Problems in Warranty Case
1965  Michael L. Kinney, The Interstate Aviation Accident – What Law Governs
1966  Willis Smith, Jr., Form Interrogatories in Personal Injury Actions
1967  Franklin J. Marryott, A Practical Framework for Examining Proposals for Changes in the Tort System for Handling Automobile Accident Cases
1968  J. Harry LaBrum, Jurisdiction and Conflict of Laws in Torts and Other Cases
1969  David W. Robinson and Paul H. Due, Advance Payment Problems in Practice and Procedure
1970  James Donaldson, The Uninsured Motorist Policy
1971  R. Crawford Morris, Response to Ribicoff-Malpractice Suits vs. Patient Care
1972  Robert R Hume, Fidelity and Surety Law – 1970
1973  Henry B. Alsobrook, Jr., Informed Consent:  A Right to Know
1974  Michael O. Sutton, Today’s Long-Arm and Products Liability: A Plea for a Contemporary Notion of Fair Play and Substantial Justice
1975  James H. Russell, Aircraft/Airport Noise:  Current Legal Remedies and Future Alternatives
1976  David J. Beck, The Defense of an Environmental Lawsuit Between Private Litigants
1977  James A. Dixon, Jr., The Continuing Erosion of Bisso-Waiver of Subrogation and Benefit of Insurance Clauses
1978  James H. Scheid and Edward P. Papalia, Jr., Resisting the Irresistible:  Defending a Products Liability Cast
1979  Robert R. Hume, The Buffeting of the Subrogation Rights of the Construction Contract Bond Surety by United States v. Muncie Trust Co
1980  Edward C. German and Michael D. Gallagher, Allocation of the Duties of the Defense Between Carrier Providing Coverage to the Same Insured
1981  Dennis J. Wall, Bad Faith, Excess Liability Action By or Against Excess Insurers
1982  R. Crawford Morris, Professional Interface: Doctors vs. Lawyers
1983  Elaine Galler Levines, Contracting Problems in the Computer Industry
1984  Michel A. Coccia, Uniform Product Liability Legislation:  A Proposed Federal Solution
1985  R. Crawford Morris, The Power and the Glory
1986  Ronald E. Mallen, A New Definition of Insurance Defense Counsel
1987  John E. Hughes, III, The Excessive Fines Clause – Its Role in the constitutional Attack on ‘Bad Faith’ Punitive Awards
1988  Richard L. Antognini, The Revolution in Reinsurance and Excess Coverage:  Defense Counsel Beware!
1989  Robert E. Scott, Jr. and Denise A. Greig, Medical Product and Drug Causation:  How to Prove It and Defend Against It
1990  Michael A. Pope, Excess Insurance in the 1990’s:  From Back Room to Center Stage
1991  Thomas W. Hyland and Andrea E. Forman, The Attorney-client Privilege in the Corporate Setting
1992  Richard L. Neumeier, Civil Rights Act of 1991:  What Does It Do? Is It Retroactive?
1993  David A. McIntosh, U.K. Perspective on Problems Faced by Counsel in Insurance Cases
1994  William T. Barker, Combining Insurance and Self Insurance:  Issues for Handling Claims
1995  Barry B. Cepelewicz and Eric Watt Wiechmann, Genetic Injury in Toxic Tort Cases:  What Science Can and Cannot Prove
1996  Donald Patterson, The Citadel Reburied:  Restatement of Law Third Torts:  Products Liability
1997  Ian Gallacher, Bruce R. Parker and Donald L. DeVries, Jr., Back to the Future? Product Liability Class Actions and Proposed Rule 23 Changes
1998  Bruce R. Parker, Understanding Epidemiology and its Use in Drug and Medical Device Litigation
1999  Jill Gradwohl Schroeder and Walter E. Zink, II, Evaluating the Interplay among GMLA, ADA and Worker’s Comp Statues Isn’t Child’s Play
2001  Santiago De Nadal and Salvatore De Traglia, What You Always Wanted and Need to Know About the Legal Environment in Spain
2004  Kathleen Blaner, The Emperor Has No Clothes: How Courts Deny Protection for Confidential Information
2005  Daniel London, Is the Economic Loss Rule in Peril?
2007  Bruce J. Berger and Michael L. Junk, Endocrine Disrupters: The Potential Cloud of Manufacturer Toxic Tort Liability
2008  Thomas Rouhette, The Availability of Punitive Damages in Europe: Growing Trend or Nonexistent Concept?
2009  Robert D. Allen, Scott M. Seaman and John E. DeLascio, Emerging Issues:  Global Warming Claims and Coverage Issues
2010  William C. Cleveland, Closing Arguments
2011  John T. Harding, The English Revolution: 'Follow the Fortunes after Lexington v. AGF and Wasa’
2012  Clifford L. Harrison, Ten Rules for Great Jury Selection: With Some Lessons from Texas Case Law
2013  Eric G. Lasker, Manning the Daubert Gate: A Defense Primer in Response to Milward v. Acuity Specialty Products
2014  Bradley C. Nahrstadt and W. Brandon Rogers, Think Before You “Speak”: What Lawyers Can and Cannot Say in the Digital Age
2015  Thomas C. Frongillo, Caroline K. Simons, Jaclyn Essinger, and Matthew Knowles, The Reinvigorated Confrontation Clause: A New Basis to Challenge the Admission of Evidence from Nontestifyling Forensic Experts in White Collar Prosecutions
2016  Gary L. Johnson, Proving the Negative: On the Admissibility of the Lack of Prior Accidents in a Products Liability Case
2017  Victoria Webster and Fred E. (Trey) Bourn, III, The Use of Computer-Generated Animations and Simulations at Trial
2018  Basil A. DiSipio, Global Positioning Systems and Social Media - Anathemas to Privacy
2019  Elena Jelmini Cellerini and Christian Lang, Cyber Liability: Data Breach in Europe
2019  Donna L. Burden, Sarah E. Hansen, and Sean Nash, Are You Ready for a Wallaby at the Water Cooler? Service Animals in the Workplace - What Do Employer Clients Need to Know
2021  Scott Elder and Anderson Kemp, Genomics in the Courtroom: The Current Landscape of DNA Technology in Criminal and Civil Litigation
2022  Peter Pizzi, Social Media Immunity in 2021 and Beyond: Will Platforms Continue to Avoid Litigation Exposure Faced by Offline Counterparts
2023  Craig T. Liljestrand, PFAS Exposure: A Comprehensive Look at Emerging Facts and Studies, Risk and Liability Assessment, Litigation History, Evolving Regulations and Future Predictions
2024  Jeffrey A. Holmstrand, In Search of Mass Tort Plaintiffs: Advertising and Its Impact on the Targeted Populations, Potential Jury Pools, and Our Clients

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Legal Writing Contest Winners

2017 - 1 - First Place, Graham Dean
UNC School of Law
“Regulating Autonomy”

2017 - 2 - Second Place, Conrad Flaczyk
McGill University, Faculty of Law
“Moving Beyond Uberrima Fides? The General Duty of Honesty in Contractual Performance and Punitive Damage Awards in Anglo-Canadian Contract Law”

2017 - 3 - Third Place, Nathan Cox
Baylor Law School
"What is a “Substantial Expense?” Determining the Range of a Court’s Subpoena Power Over a Nonparty Witness Under Federal Rule 45(c).”

2017 - Honorable Mention, Patrick M. Hagan
Regent University School of Law
“Virginia Auto Insurers Tread Softly: An Underinsured Motorist Carrier's Good Faith Duty (or Lack Thereof) Before Judgment”

2017 - Honorable Mention, Priya D. Srinivasan
UCLA School of Law
“Holding Law Enforcement Accountable: Transitioning to Professional Liability Insurance to Reduce Police Misconduct”

2017 - Honorable Mention, Amy Levitt
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
“Certify This! Class Actions and The Ascertainability Standard After Sandusky Wellness Ctr., LLC v. Medtox Sci., Inc.”

2016 - 1 - First Place, David Howard
University of Texas School of Law
“International Arbitration in Bankruptcy Proceedings: Uncertainty in the Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements”

2016 - 2 - Second Place, Calvin Hancock
University of Toronto Faculty of Law
“The Gospel Standard: the Standard of Review in Housen, the Trouble Applying it After Sattva, and How we Reconcile the Two”

2016 - 3 - Third Place, Meredith Lussier
Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law
“An Unclear Dichotomy: Attribution Protocols in Legal Scholarship vs. Legal Practice”

2016 - Honorable Mention, Philip Pence
University of Illinois College of Law
“First, Do No Harm: How the Medical Malpractice Reform Debate Ignores Patients' Interests”

2016 - Honorable Mention, Natasha Mukhtar
Queen’s University Faculty of Law
“Examining the Link between Defamation, Discrimination and Charter Values in Bou Malhab v. Diffusion Metromedia CMR”

2015 - 1 - First Place, Paul Covaleski
University of Iowa College of Law
"Skipping Class: Exploring the Rise and Fall of the American Class Action Suit"

2015 - 2 - Second Place, Knial Piper, II
University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law
"Cyber Warfare and the Use of Force"

2015 - 3 - Third Place, Charlotte Green
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
"How Government Subsidized Cybersecurity Insurance Can Encourage Enrollment in the National Institute of Standards and Technology Framework, While Also Improving the Overall Cybersecurity Insurance Market"

2015 - Honorable Mention, Louie Whit Carmon
Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law
"No Cents in Doing it Again: The Importance of Disclosing Insurance Coverage at Discovery"

2014 - 1 - First Place, Lauren Gailey
Duquesne University School of Law
"I'm Sorry" as Evidence? Why the Federal Rules of Evidence Should Include a New Specialized Relevance Rule to Protect Physicians

2014 - 2 - Second Place, Rosby Carr
Ohio Northern University School of Law
Quite a Scratch: How Failure to Obtain a Clawback Agreement Could Lead to Legal Malpractice

2014 - 3 - Third Place, Danielle O’Boyle
St. John's University School of Law
The Concerns of Secrecy and Non-Release in Multi-Defendant Settlement Agreements

2014 - Honorable Mention, Jessica Rose
University of British Columbia
Game Changer: Lower Court Judges' Newfound Freedom to Overturn Canadian Supreme Court Precedent through the Bedford Test

2013 - 1 - First Place, Abraham Gitterman
University of Maryland, Francis King Carey School of Law
Ethical Issue and Practical Challenges Raised by Internal Investigations in the Life Sciences Industry

2013 - 2 - Second Place, James Doring
Duquesne University School of Law
Daubert and E-Discovery: The Search for Reliability

2013 - 3 - Third Place, Ellen Clarke
University of Georgia School of Law
A Duty to Over Preserve? How Disregarding Foreign Data Privacy Laws May Keep Litigants Out of a Jam

2013 - Honorable Mention, Abbye Lawrence
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Collateral Estopped in Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings: A Hobson's Choice

2013 - Honorable Mention, Brian Farkas
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Hitting a Brick Wall in Process Convergence: The Delaware Court of Chancery and the Boundaries of ADR for Business Courts

2013 - Honorable Mention, S.L. Owens
University of Wisconsin Law School
Avoid the Urkel Defense (Did I Do That?): Win Against Recklessness on an Affirmative Defense Post Safeco Insurance Company of America versus Burr

2012 - 1 - First Place, Kathleen Dapper
Villanova University School of Law
Nothing Is Certain Except Death and Taxes: But in the District Courts, Not Even Taxes Are Certain for e-Discovery Costs

2012 - 2 - Second Place, Diana Ovsepian
Loyola Law School Los Angeles
The Questionable Effect of Informal And Instantaneous Electronic Communications on the Validity of 'No Oral Modification' Clauses: Are Texts, Tweets, and Email Destroying the Sanctity of Contract Law?

2012 - 3 - Third Place, Atina T.E. Rizk
Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law, University of Memphis
True or False: Defamation through Deceptively Edited Video or Audio Clips

2012 - Honorable Mention, David Dill
Washington University in St. Louis
Ready, Set, Action! Managing the Risk of Executive Agreement Interference in Foreign Tort Litigation

2012 - Honorable Mention, Caitlin Milo
Florida Coastal Law School
Oil & Anarchy: The Role of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility in the Demise of Mass Tort Funds

2012 - Honorable Mention, Nicole Farbes-Lyon
St. John's University School of Law
On Equal Footing: How Equitable Estoppel Can Preserve Signatory and Non-Signatory Rights to Litigate and Compel Arbitration after Arthur Andersen LLP v. Carlisle

2011 - 1 - First Place, Terri K. Benton
Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law
Where Do I Fit In? Citizenship Claims and the §1332 Diversity Statute in Underwriters at Lloyd’s v. Osting-Schwinn

2011 - 2 - Second Place, Emily Ousley
University of Missouri School of Law - Columbia
’Act’ to the Future: California District Court Applies 1986 Act to Facebook Discovery Dispute

2011 - 3 - Third Place, Louise N. Smith
Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law
Employers Beware: Civil Rico Provision Creates Private Enforcement of Immigration Laws

2011 - Honorable Mention, Sean Wion
Tulane University Law School
Wisdom On The Horizon: Strategies For Limiting Tenuous Claims and Identifying Viable Claimants in the Wake of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

2011 - Honorable Mention, Anne Marie Esposito
St. John’s University
Are Corporations Liable for Human Rights Violations?

2011 - Honorable Mention, Michael C. Mims
Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University
Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Applying the Proper Set-Off Rules in FELA and Jones Act Cases After AmClyde, Ayers, and Schadel

2010 - 1 - First Place, F. Elliotte Quinn
Emory University Law School
A Real Class Act: The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005’s Amount in Controversy Requirement, Removal, and the Preponderance of the Evidence Standard

2010 - 2 - Second Place, Jonas Matthew Williamson
University of Maryland Law School
Should Attorneys General Apply Ethics Rules to Civil Cases? Answering Challenges to the Politicization of Mass Products Tort Litigation

2010 - 3 - Third Place, Michael Foy
Santa Clara University School of Law
From Chem-Dyne to Burlington Northern: Apportioning Cleanup Costs in the New Era of Joint and Several CERCLA Liability

2010 - Honorable Mention, Joanna Slusarz
Rutgers School of Law – Newark
No Fishing Poles Allowed in the Office, Plus Other Suggestions on How to Limit "Fishing Expeditions" to an Outdoor Weekend Activity and Away from the Realm of E-discovery

2009 - 1 - First Place, J. Benjamin Lambert
University of Tulsa College of Law
Professional Liability and International Lawyering: An Overview

2009 - 2 - Second Place, Aaron Ries
University of Houston Law Center
Railroad Tort Liability After the 'Clarifying Amendment.' Are Railroads Still Protected Through Preemption?

2009 - 3 - Third Place, Hannah Weiner
Duke University School of Law
Arbitration Theory and the American Tort System

2009 - Honorable Mention, Alejandro Cruz
University of Virginia Law School
'Mistaken Identity': Reading Mistakes Back into Rule 15(c)

2009 - Honorable Mention, Justin Craig
University of Pennsylvania School of Law
The World Wide Web vis-a-vis Personal Jurisdiction: A Potentially Sticky Situation

2009 - Honorable Mention, Richard Scherer, Jr.
University of Buffalo School of Law
Grab a Drink and Pass the Blame: An Argument Against Social Host Liability

2008 - 1 - First Place, Jamie L. Wershbale
Florida Coastal School of Law
Tort Reform in America: Abrogating the Collateral Source Rule across the States

2008 - 2 - Second Place, J. Alex Bruggenschmidt
Indiana School of Law-Indianapolis
Asbestos for the Rest of Us: The Continued Viability of Statutes of Repose in Product Liability

2008 - 3 - Third Place, Christian N. Elloie
Southern University Law Center
Are Pre-Dispute Jury Trial Waivers a Bargain for Employers over Arbitration? It Depends on the Employee

2008 - Honorable Mention, Rakhi Patel
UCLA School of Law
Taking the Next Step Forward: A Practical Evaluation of the Hague Choice of Court Agreements Convention

2008 - Honorable Mention, Andrew Batog
Barry University School of Law
The Post-Sinochem World: An Argument for Changing the Standard of Review in Forum Non Conveniens Dismissals

2007 - 1 - First Place, Dorothy E. Schmidt
Lewis & Clark Law School
A Dark and Stormy Night: The Mystery of the Missing Science in Fingerprint Indentification

2007 - 2 - Second Place, Gretchen E. Eoff
University of Denver College of Law
Losing the Battle in the War on Attorney-Client Privilege Through Selective Waiver: Viewing the Selective Waiver Quagmire Through the Lens of the 10th Circuit's Opinion in In Re Qwest Communications

2007 - 3 - Third Place, Timothy P. Stone
William Mitchell College of Law
The Rise and Fall of Options Backdating, From Executive Windfall to Executive Pitfall

2007 - Honorable Mention, David Mitchell
Stetson University College of Law
An Examination of Current Trends in Punitive Damages: Has the Remedy Outlived its Usefulness?

2007 - Honorable Mention, Zachary Wang
Boston College
Ethics and Electronic Discovery: New Medium, Same Problems

2007 - Honorable Mention, Miriam Richter
University of Miami
The DPT Litigation: Bad Vaccines or Bad Law? An Argument for the Adoption of the Third Restatement of the Law Torts: Products Liability Section 6

2006 - 1 - First Place, Jessica C. Jarreau
Southern University Law Center
Dying Declarations in an Ever-Changing World: A Peek into the Implications of Expansion

2006 - 2 - Second Place, Rosalyn Tang
Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law
Insurance Law-Frank's Casing's Effect on Reimbursement of Settlement and Defense Costs in Texas

2006 - 3 - Third Place, Rebecca Ballard
Indiana University School of Law
You Get a Line, I'll Get a Pole, We'll Go Fish'n In the Plaintiff's Gene Pool

2006 - Honorable Mention, Daniel C. Lindner
New England School of Law
Money Laundering Between States: A Comparison of United States, Israeli and International Money Laundering Control Mechanisms

2006 - Honorable Mention, Amber M. Czarnecki
Michigan State University College of Law
Ethical Considerations Facing Defense Attorneys Working Within the Tripartite Relationship of Insurance Law - Who Does the Attorney Represent and What Does that Mean?

2005 - 1 - First Place, Jaclyn Carole Hill
Loyola University School of Law, New Orleans
The Learned Intermediary Doctrine and Beyond: Exploring Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising Liability in the New Millennium

2005 - 2 - Second Place, Juan Castaneda
Notre Dame Law School
The Jury's Dilemma: Playing God In The Search For Justice

2005 - 3 - Third Place, Donald P. Blydenburgh
Brooklyn Law School
Inconsistent Verdicts in Products Liability Cases: How the Law Prohibits Them, Why Juries Render Them and Why Some Courts Permit Them

2005 - Honorable Mention, W. Russell Taber
Vanderbilt University Law School
Reexaming Bifurcation in Mass Tort Litigation

2005 - Honorable Mention, Joseph Mack
University of Maryland School of Law
Nullum Tempus: Governmental Immunity to Statutes of Limitation

2004 - 1 - First Place, Daniel London
Brooklyn Law School
Red Riding Hood Is an Economic Loss Tortfeasor: Three Courts, the Negligence Woods and the Economic Loss

2004 - 2 - Second Place, Adam Clanton
U.C. Hastings College of the Law
Uncertainty in Federal Removal Procedure: What Kind of Paper Will Trigger the 30-day Period?

2004 - 3 - Third Place, Darlene S. Wood
Duquesne University School of Law
International Commercial Arbitration and Punitive Damages: Where Delocalization Stops and Mandatory Rules Begin

2004 - Honorable Mention, Paul J. Krause
Marquette University Law School
Disregarding ‘Manifest Disregard’: The Benefits of Watts on the Standard for Vacating Arbitrators’ Decisions

2004 - Honorable Mention, Amy J. Vroom
Valparaiso University School of Law
Fast Food or Fat Food: The Skinny on Food Manufacturer Liability for Obesity

2004 - Honorable Mention, Nitin Sud
University of Houston Law Center
Punitive Damages: Achieving Fairness and Consistency in Light of State Farm v. Campbell

2003 - 1 - First Place, Cordell A. Hull
Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law
Extraterritorial Considerations when Assessing Punitive Damages

2003 - 2 - Second Place, Eric S. Askanase
Columbia Law School
The Qui Tam Provision of the Civil False Claims Act: A Criminal Punishment in Civil Disguise Gets Medieval on the Constitution

2003 - 3 - Third Place, Chad Egan Burton
Case Western Reserve University School of Law
EEOC v. Waffle House: Employers Win--Again

2003 - Honorable Mention, Helynn Stephens
Tulane University Law School
The Price of Pro Bono Representation: An Examination of a Lawyer's Duties and Responsibilities

2003 - Honorable Mention, Josh Romero
Northwestern University School of Law
The September 11 Victim Compensation Fund: A Victim-focused Analysis

2002 - 1 - First Place, Amanda M. Rose
University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall)
Life After SLUSA

2002 - 2 - Second Place, Jill Jensen-Welch
Drake University Law School
Suing the Bastard Boss: Are Supervisors Who Create a Hostile Working Environment Personally Liable for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

2002 - 3 - Third Place, Brian C. McManus
Suffolk University Law School
The Admissibility of Subsequent Remedial Measures in Strict Liability Actions

2002 - Honorable Mention, Brian Lowenberg
University of Houston Law Center
Civil Procedure as a Fetish: The Lack of Equity in Evaluating the Amount-in-Controversy Requirement in the Context of Class Actions Seeking Injunctive Relief

2002 - Honorable Mention, Carrie A. Daniel
William Mitchell College of Law
The Heeding Presumption in Products Liability Failure-to-Warn Cases: A Defense Counsel Guide to defeating the Presumption

2002 - Honorable Mention, James R. Jebo
University of Richmond School of Law
Overcoming the Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product Doctrines in Bad Faith Denial of Insurance Claims Suits: A Selected Survey

2001 - 1 - First Place, Justin Lee Heather
Northwestern University School of Law
"Liability for Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and Drug Information on the Internet" Defense Counsel Journal, October 2001, p. 412.

2001 - 2 - Second Place, Monica Renee Matter
Wayne State University Law School
"Emerging DTC Advertising of Prescription Drugs and the Learned Intermediary Doctrine" Defense Counsel Journal, January 2002, p. 79.

2001 - 3 - Third Place, C. Todd Hagins
University of South Carolina School of Law
"Sands in an Hourglass: Solving the Puzzle of Times Limits for Removal to Federal Court" Defense Counsel Journal, October 2001, p. 421.

2000 - 1 - First Place, Sarah A. Toops
Stanford Law School
"Ethically Representing Thousands of Plaintiffs: Conflict Problems in Mass Tort Toxic Harm Cases" Defense Counsel Journal, October 2000, p. 462.

2000 - 2 - Second Place, Gary W. Flanagan
New York University School of Law
"Expanded Grounds for Judicial Review of Employment Arbitration Awards" Defense Counsel Journal, October 2000, p. 488.

2000 - 3 - Third Place, Basil Loeb
Marquette University Law School
"Abuse of Power: Disregarding Traditional Legal Principles to Invalidate Tort Reform" Defense Counsel Journal, October 2000, p. 501.

1999 - 1 - First Place, Dean M. Harts
William Mitchell College of Law
"Reel to Real: Should You Believe What You See?" Defense Counsel Journal, October 1999, p. 514.

1999 - 2 - Second Place, Michael B. Kent Jr.
University of Georgia Law School
"Daubert, Doctors and Differential Diagnosis: Treating Medical Causation Testimony as Evidence" Defense Counsel Journal, October 1999, p.525.

1999 - 3 - Third Place, Robert D. Fleming
Cumberland Law School Samford University
"Hazards of Expert Witnesses: Disclosing Work Product and Limiting Testimony" Defense Counsel Journal, October 1999, p. 538.

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Past Midyear Meeting Locations

1933  Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, New York
1934  The Flamingo Hotel, Miami, Florida
1935  The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
1936  The Pancoast Hotel, Miami, Florida
1937  Ponce De Leon Hotel, St. Augustine, Florida
1938  The Pancoast Hotel, Miami, Florida
1939  The Pancoast Hotel, Miami, Florida
1940  The Belleview Biltmore Hotel, Belleair, Florida
1941  The Pancoast Hotel, Miami, Florida
1942  The Pancoast Hotel, Miami, Florida
1943  The Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
1944  The Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois
1945  The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana
1946  The Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
1947  The Flamingo Hotel, Miami, Florida
1948  The Belleview Biltmore Hotel, Belleair, Florida
1949  Palm Beach Biltmore, Palm Beach, Florida
1950  Palm Beach Biltmore, Palm Beach, Florida
1951  Palm Beach Biltmore, Palm Beach, Florida
1952  The Desert Inn, Palm Springs, California
1953  The Flamingo Hotel, Miami, Florida
1954  The Flying L Ranch, Bandera, Texas
1955  The Belleview Biltmore Hotel, Belleair, Florida
1956  The San Marcos Hotel, Chandler, Arizona
1957  The Key Biscayne Hotel, Miami, Florida
1958  The Santa Barbara Biltmore, Santa Barbara, California
1959  The Key Biscayne Hotel, Miami, Florida
1960  Camelback Inn, Phoenix, Arizona
1961  The Key Biscayne Hotel, Miami, Florida
1962  The Casa Blanca Inn, Scottsdale, Arizona
1963  The Nassau Beach Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas
1964  The El Mirador Hotel, Palm Springs, California
1965  The San Marcos Hotel, Chandler, Arizona
1966  Boca Raton Resort and Club, Boca Raton, Florida
1967  The Dorado Hilton Hotel, Dorado, Puerto Rico
1968  The Doral Country Club, Miami, Florida
1969  Arizona Biltmore Hotel, Phoenix, Arizona
1970  The Cloister, Sea Island, Georgia
1971  The Princess Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda
1972  Del Monte Lodge, Pebble Beach, California
1973  Acapulco Princess, Acapulco, Mexico
1974  The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
1975  Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, Arizona
1976  Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Kamuela, Hawaii
1977  Cerromar Beach Hotel, Dorado, Puerto Rico
1978  Canyon Hotel, Palm Springs, California
1979  Doral Country Club, Miami, Florida
1980  Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, Kamuela, Hawaii
1981  Marco Beach Hotel, Marco Island, Florida
1982  Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, Arizona
1983  Acapulco Princess, Acapulco, Mexico
1984  Canyon Hotel, Palm Springs, California
1985  The Waiohai, Kauai, Hawaii
1986  Hamilton Princess, Hamilton, Bermuda
1987  The Breakers, Hamilton, Bermuda
1988  Westin La Paloma, Tucson, Arizona
1989  The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, California
1990  Maui Inter-Continental, Wailea, Hawaii
1991  La Quinta Hotel Resort, La Quinta, California
1992  The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, California
1993  Boca Raton Resort and Club, Boca Raton, Florida
1994  Scottsdale Princess, Scottsdale, Arizona
1995  Hyatt Regency Kauai Resort, Kauai, Hawaii
1996  La Quinta Resort and Club, La Quinta, California
1997  The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, California
1998  Acapulco Princess, Acapulco, Mexico
1999  Hyatt Regency Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Arizona
2000  The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida
2001  La Quinta Resort and Club, La Quinta, California
2002  Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson, Arizona
2003  The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, California
2004  The Ritz-Carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando, Florida
2005  Westin Rio Mar, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico
2006  La Quinta Resort and Club, La Quinta, California
2007  The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, California
2008  The Fairmont Orchid, Kohala Coast, Hawaii
2009  Four Season Resort Aviara, Carlsbad, California
2010  Naples Grande Beach Resort, Naples, Florida
2011  The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, California
2012  Rancho Las Palmas, Rancho Mirage, California
2013  Boca Raton Resort and Club, Boca Raton, Florida
2014  Park Hyatt Aviara, Carlsbad, California
2015  Marriott Marco Island, Marco Island, Florida
2016  The Inn at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach, California
2017  JW Marriott Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, Arizona
2018  La Quinta Resort & Club, La Quinta, California
2019  The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara, California
2020  The Inn at Spanish Bay™, Pebble Beach, California
2021  Virtual Midyear Meeting
2022  JW Marriott Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, Arizona
2023  Fairmont Austin, Austin, Texas
2024  JW Marriott Miami Turnberry, Miami, Florida

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Past Annual Meeting Locations

1920  St. Charles Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey
1921  Baden Hotel, West Baden Springs, Indiana
1922  no record of meeting held
1923  no record of meeting held
1924  no record of meeting held
1925  Mt. Royal Hotel, Montreal, Québec Canada
1926  New Ocean House, Swapscott, Massachusetts
1927  King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Ontario Canada
1928  Chamberlain-Vanderbilt Hotel, Point Comfort, Virginia
1929  The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia
1930  Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
1931  New Ocean House, Swampscott, Massachusetts
1932  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1933  The Stevens Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
1934  The French Lick Springs Hotel, French Lick, Indiana
1935  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1936  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1937  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1938  The Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan
1939  The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia
1940  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1941  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1942  no record of meeting held
1943  Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
1944  Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago, Illinois
1945  no record of meeting held
1946  Galen Hall Hotel, Wernersville, Pennsylvania
1947  Monmouth Hotel, Spring Lake Beach, New Jersey
1948  The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California
1949  The Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods, New Hampshire
1950  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1951  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1952  Lake Placid Club, Essex County, New York
1953  Chateau Frontenac, Québec City, Québec Canada
1954  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1955  Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, California
1956  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1957  Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey
1958  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1959  Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta Canada
1960  Chalfonte-Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey
1961  The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Québec Canada
1962  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1963  French Lick-Sheraton Hotel, French Lick, Indiana
1964  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1965  San Francisco Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, California
1966  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1967  Kaanapali Beach Hotel, Maui, Hawaii
1968  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1969  Century Plaza, Los Angeles, California
1970  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1971  The Shoreham, Washington, District of Columbia
1972  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1973  The Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario Canada
1974  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1975  Southampton Princess, Southampton, Bermuda
1976  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1977  The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California
1978  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1979  The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1980  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1981  Century Plaza, Los Angeles, California
1982  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1983  The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1984  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1985  Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
1986  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1987  The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1988  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1989  Boston Copley Place, Boston, Massachusetts
1990  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1991  Southampton Princess, Southampton, Bermuda
1992  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1993  The Grosvenor House, London, England
1994  The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado
1995  The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California
1996  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
1997  Southampton Princess, Southampton, Bermuda
1998  Sheraton Grande Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California
1999  Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Whistler, British Columbia Canada
2000  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
2001  Burlington Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
2002  Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Whistler, British Columbia Canada
2003  Grand Wailea Resort, Maui, Hawaii
2004  The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia
2005  The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado
2006  Cavalieri Hilton, Rome, Italy
2007  The Fairmont Southampton, Southampton, Bermuda
2008  The Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
2009  The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado
2010  Hotel Arts, Barcelona, Spain
2011  The Fairmont Chateau Whistler, Whistler, British Columbia Canada
2012  Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina
2013  The Grand Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
2014  Hilton Vienna, Vienna, Austria
2015  The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado
2016  The Fairmont Southampton, Southampton, Bermuda
2017  Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Québec City, Québec Canada
2018  EPIC SANA Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal
2019  The Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina
2020  Virtual Annual Meeting
2021  Fairmont Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
2022  The Ritz-Carlton Berlin + Berlin Marriott Hotel, Berlin, Germany
2023  Fairmont Orchid, Waimea, Hawaii
2024  Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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