Journal Board of Editors and Committee Vice Chairs

Editor and Chair of the Board of Editors
Christopher B. Parkerson, Campbell Conroy & O'Neil, P.C., One Constitution Wharf, Suite 310, Boston, MA 02129

Marsha M. Piccone, Fox Rothschild LLP, 1225 17th Street, Suite 220, Denver, CO 80202

Deputy Editor
Robert F. Greenlee, Esq., IADC, 303 West Madison Street, Suite 925, Chicago, IL 60606

Managing Editor
Amy O’Maley McGuire, Esq., IADC, 303 West Madison Street, Suite 925, Chicago, IL 60606


Board of Editors

Michael F. Aylward Leta E. Gorman Todd Presnell
Shaun McParland Baldwin Tripp Haston Walter J. Price, III
Keith N. Bond Michael J. Holland Douglas R. Richmond
Fred E. Bourn, III Andrew Kopon, Jr. J.C. Roper, Jr.
Christopher D. Brown Mitchell Lee Lathrop Elizabeth Haecker Ryan
Michael E. Brown John P. Lavelle, Jr. Scott W. Sayler
Charles W. Browning John T. Lay, Jr. Thomas F. Segalla
John G. Browning James K. Leader Fernando Eduardo Serec
D. Jeffrey Campbell Carl A. Maio Lawrence D. Smith
Douglas J. Chumbley Christopher J. Major Jean-Luc Soulier
Lynn S. Davies  Eve B. Masinter Mary-Christine Sungaila
Peter M. Durney  S. Gordon McKee Emilia L. Sweeney
Mark Fahleson Amy L. Miletich Robert T. Veon
Michael J. Farrell Mark S. Olson J. Calhoun Watson
Fred J. Fresard  Joseph E. O’Neil Rebecca J. Wilson
Daniel W. Gerber John C. S. Pierce  

Committee Vice Chairs of Journal Articles and Publications

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Kevin F. Truxillo
Drug, Device and Biotechnology
Stephen G.A. Myers
Product Liability
Curtis L. Ott
Appellate Practice
Robert A. Brundage
Employment Law
Alfred H. Perkins, Jr.
Professional Liability
Matthew S. Marrone
Business Litigation
Kyle V. Miller
Environmental and Energy Law
Michael Golemi
Social Justice Pro Bono
Kathryn Kenyon
Civil Justice Response
Phil Goldberg
In-House and Law Firm Management
Amy K. Fisher
Toxic and Hazardous Substances Litigation
Douglas J. Chumbley
Class Actions and Multi-Party Litigation
Martin A. Kasten
Insurance and Reinsurance
Bryan M. Weiss
Alan Polivnick
Construction Law and Litigation
Ryan L. Harrison
Intellectual Property
Stephen J. Lieb
Trial Techniques and Tactics
Peter J. Goss
Corporate Counsel
Alfred R. Paliani
International Arbitration
Mica Nguyen Worthy