Membership Requirements

IADC membership is by invitation-only. Potential nominees should not be consulted prior to approval by the Board of Directors.

IADC Membership Qualifications

  • Any person who is and, for at least eight years immediately prior to being nominated for membership, has been licensed or otherwise authorized to practice law in any country, state, or territory or other political subdivision duly authorized to administer justice in said jurisdiction, and is of high professional standing, whose practice is principally devoted to the representation of defendants, business, management, or insurance interests in the resolution of legal disputes or who represents and advances business interests before regulatory boards, governmental agencies, or in administrative proceedings; and who will contribute to the purposes and activities of the Association; provided, however, that service on the bench or as a public official engaged in the supervision or regulation of the insurance industry for all or any part of the eight (8) years immediately preceding a nomination for membership shall satisfy, pro tanto, the foregoing experience requirements. To be eligible for membership, it is expected that the individual would contribute to and promote the purposes and activities of the Association.
  • Any person (whether or not a licensed attorney) who is actively engaged in the insurance industry as a full-time employee of a licensed insurance company or an insurance association or who is a full-time employee of a company, and whose primary duties include claims or risk management for such insurance or other company and responsibility for its relationships with outside legal and trial counsel or include activities in the fields of interest in which the professional members of this organization are engaged, such that he or she will contribute to the purposes and activities of the Association.
  • Any person who is a member in good standing of the bar of the court of last resort of a state, territory, or possession of the United States of America, or of the District of Columbia, or of any country or subdivision thereof, and is of high professional standing and whose present duties, as salaried, in-house counsel for a company, include responsibility for the legal affairs thereof such that he or she will contribute to the purposes and activities of the Association.

The IADC Membership Process

  • Outside counsel nominations require one IADC member to nominate the individual and two IADC members to sponsor the individual. Nominations for individuals outside the United States, as well as corporate counsel and insurance executives, require one nomination and one sponsor. IADC members may support a qualified individual for membership by:
  • Once nominations are complete, they are reviewed by the Membership Committee which seeks input from members in the nominee’s state or region.
  • Once reviewed by the Membership Committee, nominations are presented monthly to the Board of Directors for approval. Those nominees approved by the Board are contacted by the IADC office and offered the opportunity to join.
  • For further information on the membership process, please check out the Membership Process Guide.


IADC members pay annual dues as set by the Board of Directors. Dues are required by November 1 each year. Corporate counsel and insurance executives have a different dues structure. For more information, click here.

If you have questions about the nomination process, please email