Bonnie Mayfield Obtains Trial Victory and Scores Her Second Hat Trick

February 5, 2020 12:50 PM
Bonnie Mayfield

Bonnie Mayfield won a complex retaliation trial in which the former employee claimed he was discharged after having complained about unsafe conditions. Following the trial and a couple of months to write the Decision, the ALJ agreed with the defense and concluded that the trial testimony and documentary evidence proved that the former employee failed to prove his prima facie case of retaliation. There was no causal connection between his discharge and complaint. The former employee failed to prove that “but for” his complaint, he would not have been discharged.

Bonnie is now three-for-three on heavy-weight trials in different states that she has won and defended on behalf of this particular client. It is her second hat trick for a triad of consecutive wins. As a result of the recent win at trial, the client requested that Bonnie defend another legal matter in a different forum. After that request, the client said, in another case, that Bonnie hit the ball out of the park, after she extracted case-ending admissions during a deposition of a very emotional Plaintiff in a tough federal court discrimination lawsuit brought by a well-known Plaintiff’s firm. The client is understandably happy and so is Bonnie!

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