Centennial Celebration Terms and Conditions

With respect to the written memory and/or the photo submitted by you for possible use in the IADC's Centennial Celebration, you hereby assign to IADC, on a non-exclusive basis, in any definition, format, colors or black and white, on any medium and by any means, known or unknown, physical or virtual, fixed or mobile, whether in paper, digital, analog, audio, video, audiovisual, electronic, Internet, emails, message and social media, in particular in print and electronic materials related to IADC Centennial including the Centennial commemorative book, website, and video, IADC emails and social media, and printed pieces and advertising materials such as brochures and posters; for any purpose, commercial or other, including for promotional and advertising purposes about IADC's products and activities, and other historical or promotional purposes in the future; all rights (including intellectual property rights, in particular copyright, and image rights) attached to the written memory or photo therein in particular (i) the right of reproduction, in whole or in part; (ii) the right of representation, in whole or in part; (iii) the right of adaptation, in whole or in part; (iv) the right to transfer the rights hereby assigned, in whole or in part.

This assignment is made for the whole world. This assignment lasts for the duration of applicable intellectual property rights, if any. For the other rights (in particular image rights), rights are granted for a minimum of 30 years, renewable unless reasonable prior notice served to IADC. You expressly acknowledge that this assignment is granted to IADC for free and undertake that you will not ask for any compensation for any reason whatsoever. You warrant IADC full enjoyment unencumbered by any easement of the rights hereby assigned in relation to the photo or written memory.