Chip Magid

Committee Chair Corner – Business Litigation Committee
Chip Magid
Dorsey & Whitney, LLP

All businesses, whether manufacturers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, technology companies, agribusinesses, transportation companies, construction companies, or mainstreet retailers, have a wide variety of often-complex legal issues. The members of the IADC Business Litigation Committee work with each other to stay abreast of new legal and industry developments, to expand our knowledge of different industries and jurisdictions, and to develop a go-to referral network so that we can all offer our clients wise counsel and informed, strategic, and cost-effective solutions to their legal problems.

The Business Litigation Committee is not only a natural home for those with a “commercial litigation” practice, but also a valuable “second home” for IADC members who focus on specific industries, but seek to become trusted advisors to their clients.

The Committee meets by telephone the first Thursday of every month at 10:00 am Central Time. Our monthly meetings usually include reports on cutting-edge developments in the law, as well as information on upcoming events of note. We encourage participation and welcome volunteers for new initiatives enthusiastically. (We also welcome new members with open arms; please join us!)

The Committee also has an active slate of Webinars and programs coming up, all of which will be of interest to the entire IADC membership.

The Committee’s terrific group of Vice Chairs ensures that we have great programs, webinars, and publications, and that we have an engaged, active, growing, and diverse membership. I’m greatly endebted to Lisa Bondurant (Vice Chair, Programs), David Gunn (Vice Chair, Membership), Phillip Sykes (Vice Chair, Webinar), Nick Burkill (Vice Chair, Publications), Sandy Wunderlich (Vice Chair, Communications), Dorothy Siron (Vice Chair, International), and Trea Southerland (Vice Chair, Corporate Counsel) for all of their contributions to the Committee.

I hope to see you at the upcoming Midyear Meeting in Santa Barbara (a beautiful place to be in February!), and, in particular, the program, “Democracy in the Balance: The Future of Gerrymandering and What it Means for Your Practice” on Tuesday, February 26, that our Committee is co-sponsoring. I also look forward to having you drop in on one of our monthly Committee calls to see what we’re all about!

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