Christopher A. Kenney Obtains Defense Win

September 12, 2019 12:54 PM
Christopher A. Kenney

After a two-week jury trial in the MA Superior Court Business Litigation Session, Chris Kenney defeated a “common law partnership” claim and won a declaratory judgment that his client is the sole owner of a $7,500,000.00 commercial real estate portfolio and is entitled to damages and interest totaling $260,000.

The jury also found that the opposing party’s conduct in making false corporate filings with the MA Secretary of State was an unfair and deceptive practice and awarded Chris’ client attorney's fees and triple damages for that offense. 

Chris Kenney, a co-founder of Kenney & Sams, is a nationally-recognized litigator and advocate who successfully tries cases before every level of the state and federal trial court system in Massachusetts. His practice areas include business litigation; employment law; personal injury; construction and real estate litigation; contract law; products liability; insurance law; and risk management consulting.

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