Committee Chair Corner: Thomas F. Lysaught

May 1, 2020 08:48 AM
Thomas F. Lysaught

Committee Chair Corner – Insurance Executive Committee
Thomas F. Lysaught
QBE North America

We are all dealing with many professional and operational issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic and will likely be doing so for the foreseeable future. The IADC Insurance Executive Committee is committed to being a resource for our insurance executive members during this time with information and a network of similarly positioned professionals to work through ideas and share information. I encourage our insurance executive members to stay connected so we can help each other through this time.

The IADC has a lot of ways for us to connect:

  • New Insurance Executive Community.
    • IADC Communities is another word for IADC Committees. The Insurance Executive Community is an online forum where you can post questions or relevant information. This information will automatically be sent to all IADC insurance executives via email in a daily digest. As an insurance executive, you are automatically a member of the Insurance Executive Community.
  • Resources on key topics. The IADC has quickly been producing Webinars, podcasts, and Newsletters on topics of interest, including:
    • Webinar – “Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Claims”
    • Podcast – “Keeping the Supply Chain Intact: How Carriers and Brokers Are Beating COVID-19”
    • Newsletter – “Insurance Policies without Limits: More Pitfalls for Underwriters”
  • General COVID-19 resources on a Coronavirus Resources page on the IADC website; resources are organized by continent.
  • Upcoming committee calls where we can gather to connect, discuss issues and share information.
  • Directory of lawyers and insurance executives from around the world.
  • The Professional Liability Roundtable/Medical Liability Roundtable is not able to happen this year, but we will be repurposing content virtually so you can still get the benefit of the work put into those panels.

This is an excellent time to bring in new insurance executive members so they can utilize these resources. Membership for new insurance executives will be free through at least October 31, 2021. That’s a year and a half of free access to information, knowledge, and a network of professionals to help you through this uncertain time. I encourage all members to nominate a worthy insurance executive for membership by visiting the Membership section of the IADC website. Plus there are opportunities to continue in the organization with free dues and discounts on future meetings after you join.   

I also encourage all current Insurance Executive Committee members to communicate with me or Board Vice President of Insurance Frank Lattal about any types of resources or assistance the IADC can create that will help you. The IADC is committed to creating more and more virtual value during this time that we can’t meet in person. Let’s stay connected and stay safe.

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