Defense Counsel Journal

Editor's Page - Volume 88, Number 2

Volume 88, No. 2

July 23, 2021

Parkerson_Christopher_2020_sized Christopher B. Parkerson

Christopher B. Parkerson

Christopher is the Defense Counsel Journal Editor for 2020-2022. He is a Member of Campbell Conroy & O’Neil, P.C. and serves on its Board of Directors. Christopher has extensive trial experience representing national and international corporations in the defense of catastrophic product liability, commercial, intellectual property, professional liability, and negligence matters throughout the United States. Christopher’s jury trial experience, combined with his work ethic and approach to the lawyer-client relationship, has allowed him to successfully guide clients through all aspects of litigation from Lead Trial Counsel to guidance on such issues as pre-suit ADR, witness preparation, and mock trials.

As soon as I hear Jim Nantz talk about “a tradition unlike any other,” my mind immediately starts thinking about shaking off the long New England winter and moving into the more comfortable months of spring and summer. Last year COVID-19 eliminated many of the events that come to mind as the snow melts and the flowers bloom. Activities like graduations, vacations, and annual get togethers were put on hold in 2020. Positive news regarding medical data, as well as the vaccination of many friends and family members, have allowed for cautious excitement about 2021 allowing us to return to our favorite warm month traditions. 

Last week I made my way to Fenway Park for the first time in over a year, and I experienced as much joy as I can remember watching an April baseball game. It is thrilling to think that sometime soon we all may be together at an IADC meeting. It is also relieving to know that before too long lawyers, judges, clients, and witnesses will all be in the same room rather than staring at each other on a computer screen.  

We will all experience the spark I felt at Fenway Park when we return to the places and people we love. This spark is what makes the next few months so exciting and gives all of us hope that the sacrifices we made in 2020 will finally pay off. We must remain diligent and careful, but there is a light at the end of the COVID tunnel. It is going to be glorious when we come upon it. 

This edition of the DCJ contains three outstanding articles. “The Role of Cognitive Fatigue on Deposition Performance” by Bill Kanasky, Jr. and John Nunnally is a must-read for everyone who defends depositions. It explores the neurocognitive issues related to witness testimony and provides excellent information on how to avoid exposing witnesses to vulnerabilities related to fatigue or lack of concentration. “The PREP Act: Defending Product Liability and Professional Liability Litigation Involving COVID-19 Countermeasures” by Jordan Lipp is an outstanding analysis on how the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act impacts litigation risk and defense strategy. Finally, “A Review of Property Insurance Law in Canada and the US” by Harmon Hayden, Gordon Hilliker, and Karen Karabinos is an informative discussion of key issues related to insurance law in Canada and the US. In addition to it being an excellent review, the article contains citations and charts that can be referenced when addressing insurance law issues.