Defense Counsel Journal

Editor's Page - Volume 89, Number 2

Volume 89, No. 2

July 11, 2022

Parkerson_Christopher_2020_sized Christopher B. Parkerson

Christopher B. Parkerson

Christopher is the Defense Counsel Journal Editor for 2020-2022. He is a Member of Campbell Conroy & O’Neil, P.C. and serves on its Board of Directors. Christopher has extensive trial experience representing national and international corporations in the defense of catastrophic product liability, commercial, intellectual property, professional liability, and negligence matters throughout the United States. Christopher’s jury trial experience, combined with his work ethic and approach to the lawyer-client relationship, has allowed him to successfully guide clients through all aspects of litigation from Lead Trial Counsel to guidance on such issues as pre-suit ADR, witness preparation, and mock trials.

One of the unexpected joys of my time as Editor of the Defense Counsel Journal (DCJ) has been getting to know the authors of the articles submitted for publication. Learning of a writer’s inspiration and what caused the choice of a particular topic has been fascinating and gives an interesting perspective beyond the in-depth legal analysis and citations in each article. The answer to the question of why an article was written provides a texture to each journal article that would not exist otherwise. 

The IADC Speaks podcast has allowed all members to go on a journey with these authors and to learn more about why a topic was chosen. Listeners are able to hear about the trials that led to focused research on a topic or how a court or client’s decision on a tricky issue required the author to delve deep into a national or international legal topic. These stories behind the articles demonstrate the intelligence, creativity, and diligence of IADC members and the authors who submit articles.

It has been great fun leading the discussion and allowing IADC members to be a part of this process. I encourage everyone to download the DCJ podcasts and listen to the interviews. The podcasts may inspire you to write your own article, and, if nothing else, will allow you to get to know some of your fellow IADC members in a way that you did not know them before. You don’t just hear about their firm or practice area, but you learn about important events or cases in their professional lives as well as the story of the article in the author’s own words. 

The DCJ is thankful to all the authors who have not only submitted papers for publication but also to the authors who gave extra time to prepare and give an interview for the podcast. We recently posted our seventh podcast (one for each journal published since I took over as Editor-in-Chief), in which I speak with Michael C. Zogby and Kaitlyn E. Stone of Faegre Drinker and Claudia V. Garcia of Exelixis, Inc. on “Do’s and Don’ts of Crisis Management.” I encourage everyone to read the article and download the podcast. (You can access this podcast episode, along with the other DCJ focused episodes in our special "IADC Speaks Podcast - Defense Counsel Journal Highlight" article in this issue.

This edition of the DCJ contains two outstanding articles. “Some Superheroes Wear Robes: Justice Sandra Day O’Connor” by Kenneth R. Meyer, Jean Pattersen, Meghan McSkimming, and Sarah Tremeris is an excellent review of some of the key decisions in Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s career as a Supreme Court Justice and how her careful application of the law allowed for well-reasoned opinions that have stood the test of time. “PFAS Exposure: A Comprehensive Look at Emerging Facts and Studies, Risk and Liability Assessment, Litigation History, Evolving Regulations and Future Predictions” by Craig T. Liljestrand is exactly what the title implies and gives a detailed and well cited review of the PFAS science and litigation issues. In addition to these two wonderful articles, the DCJ is also highlighting the Diversity Roadmap initiative that is designed to help law firms and corporations embrace greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It contains practical resources and best practices used by law firms and corporations of all sizes. We are proud to publish this in hopes that many people are able to review it and use it as a reference to adapt the ideas into their organizations.