Defense Counsel Journal

Editor's Page - Volume 90, Number 1

Volume 90, No. 1

March 14, 2023

Piccone_Marsha_2020_sized Marsha M. Piccone

Marsha M. Piccone

Marsha is the Editor and Chair of the Board of Editors for IADC's Defense Counsel Journal.

It’s 2023 and COVID is behind us. Well -- sort of. Many things can be written about the pandemic but one thing that is certain is its effect on the legal system and the practice of law. We’ve all had our “you’re on mute” moments. Even the Justices of the United States Supreme Court were victims of the embarrassing refrain, “you’re on mute - you’re on mute” when some of the Justices started asking questions that no one else could hear. (Yes, that happened).

More than any video conference snafus, lawyers had to become experts in how to utilize technology - from depositions to hearings to even trials. The pandemic was a harbinger of many things, including that the pace of change is moving faster than ever. Not staying current on the pace of change will leave behind those of us not willing to adapt. New tools and techniques are constantly becoming available to improve our practice. Some may not work, but part of progress is maintaining an open mind to these methods that may someday alter past practices that will make us wonder how we ever lived without them. When some of us started practicing law, there were no cell phones, no internet, fax machines were just becoming vogue (and sometimes turned off at night and on weekends), and papers were filed in court by hand. Now, most cell phones have more memory and computing power than large rooms of computers that helped send astronauts to the moon.

That’s why organizations like IADC are important to its members. The IADC provides an ideal platform to exchange ideas, share information, and to anticipate what is likely to occur. An important part of the IADC is this Journal. It provides a forum for sharing thoughts and ideas of our profession in an ever-changing world that will help all of us in navigating this 21st century practice of law.

This edition of the DCJ contains two outstanding articles. “Diversity, Inclusion and Veterans in the Law” by Robert F. Redmond, Jr. includes a thorough discussion that examines recent diversity and inclusion efforts in the law and their relationship to veterans. “The Department of Justice’s Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative and Its Impact on the False Claims Act” by Kimberly Bessiere Martin and Peter J. Pizzi discusses the Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative and provides an overview of the False Claims Act and it use in cybersecurity issues.

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