Defense Counsel Journal

President's Page - Volume 86, Number 1

Volume 86, No. 1

February 07, 2020

Thompson_Craig_2010_sized Craig A. Thompson

Craig A. Thompson

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” ?John F. Kennedy

A popular mantra in sports and business these days is “Trust the Process.” For 99 years, the IADC has developed a sound process that seeks to maximize the benefits of membership. With decades of dedicated leadership, the organization has created a platform of excellence that will carry it strongly into its Centennial and beyond.

The IADC has established itself as the premier defense bar association, and holds a unique place in history as a truly international legal organization. With 2,500 peer-reviewed members and more than 50 countries and territories represented, we can hold ourselves out as the best of the best.

The diverse articles in this edition of the Defense Counsel Journal focus on practical solutions to significant challenges. Our contributors have invested time and resources to ensure that we are kept up to date with the best and most clear thinking on various issues in employment law, civil procedure, and bankruptcy trust reform. Cutting edge thinking leading to thought-provoking articles!

The DCJ is one of the many platforms that exist within our organization, and the Board and staff are working hard to continue perfecting the process to provide the greatest value to members and families. “The Process” will include a continuing effort to strengthen and enhance the elements of the IADC that make it special:

Regional Meetings – We now have a Regional Meeting structure that takes us around the world and connects our members where they are in a significant/substantive manner. The grand vision is to create a schedule that will permit every member of the IADC to have an opportunity to attend a meeting close to home.

Trial Academy - The “crown jewel” of the IADC is now in its 47th year, and still providing young attorneys with the best trial skills training available.

Committees – The lifeblood of our organization; the large number of Committees in the IADC provide excellent opportunities to learn, grow, and connect.

CLE – Great topics. Amazing speakers. Outstanding results.

Corporate Counsel College/International Corporate Counsel College – Our ability to connect in-house counsel and outside attorneys is a significant and important part of “the process.” 

World Class Business Meetings – Our Midyear and Annual Meetings are at the heart of our core mission, and consistently compel our members to get others involved and engaged.

Family Time – The members of the IADC are not whole if the personal/professional balance is left wanting. Consequently, there is a strong emphasis on including family members whenever possible.

Civil Justice Reform – The IADC is heavily engaged in efforts to reform the civil justice system, and works with organizations, corporations, and firms to ensure that the playing field is level for our corporate members, insurance executives, and those who represent them. We will not stop fighting until we make this happen.

I am thrilled about the work we are doing to prepare for our centennial year, and confident that the Centennial Planning Committee, led by Dan Cray, will exceed all expectations for greatness. My excitement grows even more when I reflect on the strong leadership that Amy Fischer, our President-Elect, will bring to the year. I am trusting the process, and you should as well – our organization is well served.

We are extremely proud of this edition of the Defense Counsel Journal, and trust that you will continue to support the authors and editors who provide the important content contained within these pages. I cannot say it enough: there is no better time to be a member of the IADC!