Defense Counsel Journal

President's Page - Volume 86, Number 4

Volume 86, No. 4

February 13, 2020

Fischer_AmySherry_2016_sized Amy Sherry Fischer

Amy Sherry Fischer

Amy Fischer is a shareholder at Foliart, Huff, Ottaway, and Bottom in Oklahoma City. She is a member of the IADC Board of Directors and practices in the areas of products liability, insurance, and commercial litigation.

The IADC has been busy leading up to the Centennial next year with many exciting developments, benefits, and projects in progress. If you have been lucky enough to attend a Regional Meeting or gone on our website where we have a short “hype video” summarizing the first one-hundred years of the IADC, you will see the prominent role that the Defense Counsel Journal plays in our history. The purpose of the video is to highlight the many things the IADC does well, and that includes the Journal, which at 340 issues is the longest running journal dedicated to issues facing defense practitioners. We members should be proud of the Journal, and the articles it produces.

As always, the Editor, Ken Meyer, as well as the entire Journal Board has been hard at work in putting together an outstanding publication. With the help of the IADC’s staff, the Journal is and remains one of the finest things we do as an organization. It always provides articles that are informative and timely for our members and the defense bar in general. 

This edition is no exception. Peter Durney and Harrison Lebov have authored an article on potential malpractice claims in the arena of prescription drug abuse. In strategies for excluding or limiting plaintiffs’ bad faith experts, Henry Morrissette looks at a topic that challenges many of us who practice in the arena of direct actions against insurance companies. He reviews many potential areas of testimony from these experts and ways to exclude them. Last but certainly not least, Mike Gladstone looks at the General Data Protection Regulation in U.S. litigation. While GDPR came from the European Commission, the effect on the practitioner there as well as around the world is something we all need to know. Nothing is more illustrative of the IADC, its reach, and the contributions of its membership than an article outlining regulations in one part of the world that will reach and affect the rest of the world.

As I said last month, I look forward to the IADC’s year highlighting the Journal and the rest of the contributions our members make to the dialogue on the rule of law.  I hope you will join me in supporting these authors who have written outstanding articles for our use.  

Amy Sherry Fischer
IADC President