Defense Counsel Journal

President's Page - Volume 87, Number 1

Volume 87, No. 1

April 30, 2020

Fischer_AmySherry_2016_sized Amy Sherry Fischer

Amy Sherry Fischer

Amy Fischer is a shareholder at Foliart, Huff, Ottaway, and Bottom in Oklahoma City. She is a member of the IADC Board of Directors and practices in the areas of products liability, insurance, and commercial litigation.

I am writing this page from London where I am attending a joint IADC Regional Meeting with the British Institute of International and Comparative Laws. I am reminded of, in addition to the insightful Defense Counsel Journal, the many member benefits we have and the truly international aspect of the IADC and its wonderful educational programs and networking events. We will have meetings all over the world this year in addition to our Webinars and conference calls that bring people together from across time zones to share knowledge and build relationships. It is a large part of what makes the IADC special.

As I reviewed the current articles for the Journal, I was amazed (but not surprised) by the quality of the work and variety in the topics. Once again, the Journal Editor, members, and staff have put together an extremely educational resource for the benefit of IADC members and others.

This edition starts with a timely topic by Robert Simpson and Caycee Hampton on the admission (or lack thereof) on 510(k) evidence at trial, including practical tips that are invaluable to those who try drug and medical device cases. Next, Joseph Stroble and Laura Welikson provide insight on third party litigation funding from around the world. This article also has information about the discoverability of such information. Lastly, Erik Gerstner gives a glimpse of the future with his piece on the legal ramifications of the artificial intelligence form called "DeepFakes."

As always, this is an exceptional Journal that makes me continue to be proud of the IADC and its members.