Duarte G. Henriques Secures Client’s Acquittal in Multi-Million Euro Fraud Case

June 14, 2024 09:48 AM
Duarte G. Henriques

Duarte G. Henriques, founding member of Victoria Associates, received a final unappealable decision from a criminal court in Lisbon that acquitted the client-company, a leader in the hydrogen and combustion fuel-saving devices industry, of a multi-million euro criminal charge brought by a host of distributors across Europe. The client-company had been wrongly accused of a "large-scale" fraud; however, the court judge did not concede to a single point of the plaintiff’s arguments.

The case, which has garnered significant attention across the European business community, revolved around allegations of extensive fraudulent activities purportedly orchestrated by Victoria Associates’ client. The plaintiffs, a coalition of European distributors, claimed that the client had engaged in deceptive practices, causing substantial financial losses, and brought a multi-million euro claim.

In a detailed ruling, the judge systematically dismantled the plaintiff's case, citing a lack of credible evidence and inconsistencies in the accusations. The court found that the allegations were not substantiated by the presented facts, leading to the complete exoneration of the client. On the other hand, the court judge relied extensively on the evidence organized and put forward by Duarte G. Henriques and the Victoria Associates team.

This decision is a significant victory for Victoria Associates' client, who has consistently maintained their innocence throughout the legal proceedings. It highlights the importance of a fair and thorough judicial process, and a diligent preparation of the trial, especially in cases involving complex commercial disputes.


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