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Moving a Case from the Trial Court to Arbitration in the Era of COVID-19

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

United States

Please join us for a complimentary Webinar sponsored by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, Business Litigation Committee, In-House and Law Firm Management Committee, and International Arbitration Committee on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 for (1) hour beginning at: 10:00 AM PST / 11:00 AM MST / 12:00 PM CST / 1:00 PM EST

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This Webinar is a collaboration of the International Association of Defense Counsel and International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution.

Moving a Case from the Trial Court to Arbitration in the Era of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented disruptions and impact to the world’s economy and many business relationships. In addition, this global crisis has resulted in the slowing down of and, in many instances, completely halting the trials of pending court cases. This consequence of the pandemic exacerbates an already significant backlog of cases in many courts.

To avoid further delays in the resolution of your legal dispute, lawyers should consider converting a pending court case to an arbitration. The IADC and its strategic partner, the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR), have assembled a team of legal professionals to present this Webinar on how to make this forum switch. This Webinar will allow you to hear from trial attorneys, an associate general counsel, and a neutral who will:

  • Offer effective suggestions on how to approach the topic with opposing counsel of moving a case from litigation to arbitration, and highlight the benefits of resolving a case now as opposed to months down the road when jury trials may resume;
  • Discuss the mechanics of moving the case from the courthouse to arbitration where discovery may still need to be conducted or dispositive rulings need to be made;
  • Outline the potential language of an arbitration submission agreement that complies with the U.S. Federal Arbitration Act and International Arbitration Rules; and
  • Share their experiences on how to achieve successful results in moving the case from the judge to a neutral.

Michael A. Airdo, Kopon Airdo, LLC, Chicago, Illinois USA

James M. Campbell, Campbell Conroy & O'Neil, Boston, Massachusetts USA
Judge Faith Hochberg, FCIARB, Hochberg ADR, LLC, and CPR Distinguished Neutral, New York, New York USA
Connie Matteo, Pfizer Inc., New York, New York USA
Dixie T. Wells, Ellis & Winters LLP, Greensboro, North Carolina USA

If you have any questions, please contact Melisa Maisel Vanis, Director of Professional Development, at

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