J. Calhoun Watson Co-Authors New Book on Legal Malpractice in South Carolina

March 6, 2018 01:24 PM
J. Calhoun Watson

IADC member Cal Watson, a member of Sowell Gray Robinson in Columbia, SC, is co-author of a new book, The Law of Legal Malpractice in South Carolina.

South Carolina courts have recognized a client's right to bring a malpractice charge against his sttorney since at least th emid-19th century. Since then, there have been many significant developments in this area in the state - with a lot of those changes occurring in the last 20 years.

This book’s 11 chapters are intended to serve as a useful and accessible resource for attorneys and insurance professionals in South Carolina. The book was co-authored by fellow Sowell Gray Robinson attorneys Betsy Gray, Will Jordan, Alexis Lindsay, and Bobby Stepp. 

Watson currently chairs the IADC's Professional Liability Committee and the upcoming Professional Liability Roundtable, held May 17 in Chicago.

Learn more on the book at the S.C. Bar’s website: https://www.scbar.org/shop-cle/publication/law-of-legal-malpractice-in-south-carolina/.

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