Kendall Harrison, Amicus Curiae

Committee Chair Corner – Amicus Curiae Committee
Kendall Harrison
Godfrey & Kahn, S.C.

As many of you know, the IADC regularly files amicus briefs in appellate courts across the country on cases that may have a significant impact on the defense bar and its clients. The driving force behind those briefs is the IADC’s Amicus Curiae Committee, which is responsible for vetting requests and preparing the written product.

I took the Committee reins about a year ago. Since then, I have been trying to keep up the high standards set by my predecessors and do whatever I can to remind all of you that the Committee is available to assist. If you think amicus help might be useful in one of your cases, please reach out to us.

Requests to file an amicus brief can come from any IADC member. There is a request form on the IADC’s website, but an email to me ( with an overview of the legal issues and the rationale for IADC participation will suffice. The Committee will review those materials and decide whether to jump in.

In the last year, we have reviewed a number of proposals and agreed to author briefs on topics ranging from attorney-client privilege to the “unavoidably unsafe” exception to strict products liability. All the briefs are available for your review on the IADC website.

Recently, the Committee drafted a new set of guidelines in an effort to better articulate the factors we consider in deciding whether to participate in a case. The Board is currently reviewing those guidelines and we anticipate that they will be finalized and posted soon.

The Committee is always looking for members to write briefs. While the IADC cannot pay full freight, it does provide honorariums to authors for their work. If you might be willing to prepare an amicus brief at some point down the road, let me know. 

Finally, if you have any thoughts on how the Committee can better serve the broader organization, hit me up with an email ( or call (608) 284-2627.

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