Mark Hansen and Jessie Zeigler

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Committee Chair Corner - 2020 Meetings CLE Committees
Mark Hansen, Heyl, Royster, Volker & Allen,
Jessie Zeigler, Bass Berry & Sims PLC,

We are truly honored to serve as the CLE Steering Committee Chairs for the IADC’s Centennial year. The theme for the Centennial year is “One World. One Mission. One IADC.,” and the programming will largely revolve around that theme. We are both very fortunate to be working with Steering Committees comprised of a talented and diverse group of IADC members from around the world. These members spend a great deal of time working to develop the CLE programs for the major meetings ranging from participating in regular calls to vetting the many program proposals to shepherding the approved programs into final form. We would like to recognize the members of our respective committees, all of whom have contributed to this team effort.

The members of the Midyear Meeting CLE Steering Committee are:

Mark D. Hansen, Peoria, IL USA

Shari L. Aberle, Eden Prairie, MN USA
Jeffrey M. Beemer, Nashville, TN USA
Heather C. Devine, Toronto, ON Canada
Heidi B. Friedman, Cleveland, OH USA
Sylvie Gallage-Alwis, Paris, France
Mauricio Gomm Santos, Miami, FL USA
Heidi L. Mandt, Portland, OR USA
Manuel Moctezuma, Mexico City, Mexico
Alfred H. Perkins, Jr., Birmingham, AL USA
Peter J. Pizzi, Newark, NJ USA
Mark A. Prost, Saint Louis, MO USA
Audrey P. Ramsay, Toronto, ON Canada
Richard Shoultz, Indianapolis, IN USA
Douglas Vaughn, Gulfport, MS USA
Bryan M. Weiss, San Francisco, CA USA

The members of the Annual Meeting CLE Steering Committee are:

Jessie Zeigler, Nashville, TN USA

Joe Cohen, Houston, TX USA
Scott Elder, Atlanta, GA USA
Sherylle Francis, Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Alex Hagan, Raleigh, NC USA
Bobby Hood, Jr., Charleston, SC USA
Sherry Knutson, Chicago, IL USA
Cecilia Lahaye, Brussels, Belgium
Chip Magid, Washington, DC USA
Brad Marsh, Atlanta, GA USA
Mary Anne Mellow, Saint Louis, MO USA
Scott O'Connell, Boston, MA USA
Curtis Ott, Columbia, SC USA
Bill Ruskin, Rye Brook, NY USA
Trea Southerland, III, Memphis, TN USA
Maureen Witt, Greenwood Village, CO USA
Cheryl Woodin, Toronto, ON Canada

Without the hard work and commitment of each and every Committee member, the IADC simply could not provide the quality programming that has become the hallmark of the organization. We are grateful for their significant contributions to this time-consuming and challenging process.
Consistent with what you have come to expect from the IADC, the programs at the Midyear Meeting will be timely and informative. There will be presentations on topics such as:

  • Techniques for responding to the increasing attacks on corporate efforts to participate in medical and research science;
  • How best to prevent and respond to a serious threat of workplace violence;
  • How your firm can achieve “go to” status when a corporate client is in crisis;
  • A “boots on the ground” discussion of the asylum process by a panel of experts from both the United States and Mexico;
  • The challenges posed by ephemeral messaging apps like Snapchat and Wickr, which cause content – digital  evidence – to disappear after transmission;
  • A discussion of the direct connection between tangible diversity and inclusion and your firm’s bottom line;
  • A discussion by high-level claims officers of challenges faced by insurers and outside counsel in an increasingly complex world;
  • Legal strategies to deal with political acts around the world that cause disruption to clients’ business activities and impair their legal rights;
  • A discussion of best strategies to prepare for bellwether cases and for managing client expectations in the defense of mass tort litigation; and
  • A lively and interactive demonstration of the power of visual storytelling at each phase of a trial.

Our Annual CLE Committee is in the process of finalizing program recommendations for review and approval by the overall CLE Committee. We received many outstanding program proposals and are excited to announce in the coming months those that will be presented at the “100 Years of IADC” celebratory meeting next July! 

We believe you will find these programs to be interesting and entertaining. Most importantly, we expect you will find these programs to be of great benefit in your day to day practice.

We are looking forward to a great year. We hope to see you in Pebble Beach and Chicago!

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