Each One Reach One Initiative



The IADC celebrated its Centennial in 2020 – 100 years of the very best corporate and insurance lawyers and insurance executives gathering and sharing ideas and resources as well as forming friendships. We are proud of our history and our present. Moving into our next 100 years, the IADC is as strong as it has ever been.

But there is still work to be done. We want to make sure that we do have the very best in our ranks, and that each member has a place in the IADC. An association is only as strong as its members, so that is why we have initiated the “Each One Reach One” campaign.


Every single member is being asked to actively participate in at least one of these ways:

  • Nominate and sponsor potential members. We want to have all of the elite lawyers and insurance executives from around the world who should be part of the Association involved.
  • Committee involvement. Members, reach out to Substantive Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs and offer to assist with newsletters, continuing legal education, Webinars, and Defense Counsel Journal articles. We want more members participating in conference calls and at meetings. Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs will work to get anyone involved who wants to participate.
  • Reach out to your fellow members by posting links to resources, conversation topics, and member successes to IADC social media.
  • Make separate contact with a First or Second Timer after the meeting at which you meet them.
  • New members are listed in each quarterly IADC Docket. Look to see if there are new members in your area and reach out to them and welcome them. If there is a Regional Meeting in your area, invite them to attend.
  • If you are referring a case, Think IADC First and make sure you tell that member that you’ve referred them because of the IADC.