Mollie Benedict Secures Defense Verdict in Battery Case

June 28, 2024 07:43 AM
Mollie Benedict

Mollie Benedict, partner at Tucker Ellis LLP, and Chair of IADC's Podcast Committee, secured a defense verdict for her client. The trial involved a battery case against the client, who threw a bar dart that punctured the plaintiff’s hand and allegedly caused disabling injuries, including CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome), such that the plaintiff could never work again and would incur $5.5 million in future economic damages. Plaintiff had been seen by over 70 doctors and other medical professionals, including top CRPS specialists in Los Angeles. Legal issues related to what constitutes intent, and the court’s preclusion of evidence of an alternative cause relating to a neuropsychological disorder. The plaintiff’s counsel asked for $15 million in damages, but the jury returned a verdict in the client’s favor after an hour of deliberations.

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