Molly H. Craig Obtains Defense Verdict in a Medical Malpractice Trial

October 21, 2019 02:02 PM
Molly H. Craig

Past President Molly H. Craig, a partner at Hood Law Firm LLC, obtained a defense verdict following a medical malpractice trial in Charleston County, South Carolina.

Plaintiff alleged the Defendant physician was negligent in providing care and treatment during an elective cardiac catherization resulting in the Plaintiff’s quadriplegia. Plaintiff alleged that during the cardiac catherization, the physician carelessly manipulated the catheter into an unintended vessel in the course of attempting to get to the heart. Once the catheter was allegedly in the wrong vessel, the doctor injected contrast dye which entered the spinal arteries of the C5-C7 vertebrae. Following the procedure, the Plaintiff had neck pain, back pain and hand weakness. A cervical MRI revealed acute ischemic injury to the spinal cord and ischemic injury to the cervical spine.

The defense proved the physician complied with the standard of care during the catherization procedure and the Plaintiff, unfortunately, experienced a known complication of the procedure which is a stroke. Additionally, the Plaintiff’s tortuous anatomy made it difficult to perform the cardiac catherization which was the reason for the complication.

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