Paul Lefebvre Was Appointed President of the Bar of the Supreme Court of Belgium for a Two Year Term Starting In September 2020

July 10, 2020 05:00 PM
Paul Lefebvre
© Paul Lefebvre

Hanotiau & van den Berg parner Paul Lefebvre was appointed President of the Bar of the Supreme Court of Belgium for a two year term starting in September 2020. 

Admitted to the Bar in 1985, Paul Lefebvre is one of the twenty lawyers admitted to the Belgian Supreme Court (‘Cour de cassation / Hof van Cassatie’) and one of the four founding partners of the law firm Hanotiau & van den Berg. Paul Lefebvre acts on a regular basis as Chairman and co-arbitrator in both institutional and ad hoc arbitrations.

He obtained his law degree at the University in Ghent with ‘magna cum laude’ and obtained a further degree in Economic Law at the University of Brussels. He was further educated in England where he obtained a ‘Master in Law’ at the University of Cambridge.

Paul Lefebvre was assisting professor of Professor Eddy Wymeersch. He is still a member of the ‘Institute of Financial Law’ operating in the framework of the University of Ghent and is presently also Professor at the Ichec in Brussels teaching the course ‘International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution’. He is a regular speaker at conferences and has published a large number of publications addressing issues of distribution, financial, company and arbitration law.

He is bilingual French and Dutch and fluent in English which enables him to appear before both Dutch and French speaking State Courts and arbitration tribunals and sits as a chairman/co-arbitrator in English speaking arbitration tribunals.

He is a member of the IBA and a member of the international and nomination membership committees of the IADC.

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