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IADC Inside/Outside Counsel Relationship Survey

Seeking a better understanding of the relationship between lawyers in corporate legal departments and lawyers in law firms, the IADC conducted its Inside/Outside Counsel Relationship Survey for a second time.

The 2016 report-card style survey had inside and outside counsel respondents evaluate themselves in general, communication, and financial categories. Respondents had to also evaluate their counterparts in the same categories. The survey explored their working relationship with a view towards making that relationship more valuable and productive for both parties.

The 2016 survey also looked at the outsourcing of legal work from inside counsel to outside counsel, which is something that was examined in the 2015 survey.

For a PDF copy of the 2016 IADC Inside/Outside Counsel Relationship Survey report, click here.


Click here for the 2015 IADC Inside/Outside Counsel Relationship Survey report and for the press release on its key findings. 

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