Rafael E. Martinez Receives 2014 Professionalism Award

April 21, 2014 02:57 PM
Rafael E. "Ralph" Martinez

Rafael E. "Ralph" Martinez, of McEwan, Martinez & Dukes, P.A., was awarded with the 2014 Professionalism Award from the Orange County Bar Association. 

The Orange County Bar Association strives to promote the profession and our system of justice. Through its annual professionalism awards, they recognize members of the legal community whose practice, service, professionalism, ethical conduct, demeanor, and high moral standards best embody the qualities those in the profession seek to emulate. Ralph was awarded the William Trickel, Jr. Professionalism Award.

Ralph is an attorney who possesses a candor and forthrightness that has earned him a reputation among his colleagues as a man who can be counted on to represent his clients with soft-spoken zeal and approach opposing counsel with courtesy and respect. 

An individual who nominated Ralph said: "Ralph deserves this award because he treats everyone, rich, poor, it doesn't matter, with the same inherent dignity. ... When you count your blessings every day as he does, it's easier to keep even a stressful job like a trial lawyer's in perspective. He understands that the ups and downs of our work lives must be subordinate to greater things: faith, family, friends, and country. It is his perspective on what's really important that frees him to rise above the challenges which so often make us less than we know we should be."

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