Steven R. Schwegman Obtains Defense Verdict on Behalf of General Surgeon

February 15, 2016 03:58 PM

IADC member Steve Schwegman, a shareholder at Quinlivan & Hughes, P.A., obtained a defense verdict in a medial malpractice action on behalf of a general surgeoun who saw the patient for an evaluation of a left forearm mass which he concluded was a sebaceous cyst. He proceeded to remove the cyst which was sent to pathology for analysis. The pathology report concluded the mass was a neurofibroma, a peripheral nerve tumor involving the ulnar nerve. The patient required two subsequent operations including a sural nerve graft and tendon transfer at the Mayo Clinic. Plaintiff alleged the general surgeon was negligent in failing to recognize he was dealing with a peripheral nerve tumor, failing to refer the patient to a specialist and negligent in severing the ulnar nerve, resulting in permanent injuries to the left arm and hand. Plaintiff was a piano player.

No settlement offers were extended. Medical expenses and wage loss were in excess of $89,000.00. Plaintiff retained an upper extremity expert. We called a general surgeon and neurosurgeon who both supported the care provided. The jury returned a verdict concluding the physician was not negligent in his care and treatment of the patient. 

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