2019 Trial Academy Materials

Below are meeting materials for your reference. If you have any questions, please email Amy O'Maley McGuire.

Post-Meeting Materials:

2019 Trial Academy CLE Certificate with Reporting Instructions

2019 Trial Academy Faculty and Student Directory

Closing Arguments PowerPoint

Cross Examination PowerPoint

Cross Examination of Medical Experts PowerPoint

Direct Examination of an Expert Witness PowerPoint

Direct Examination PowerPoint

Goals and Objectives on Direct of Defense Toxicologist PowerPoint

On Being Exceptional PowerPoint

Opening Statement Considerations PowerPoint

Silent Advocacy Practical Points PowerPoint

Taking the Deposition PowerPoint

The Economist PowerPoint

Three Objectives for Cross Examination PowerPoint

Trial Objections and Preserving the Record for Appeal PowerPoint

Voir Dire Objectives and Techniques PowerPoint

Refreshing Recollection PowerPoint


Pre-Meeting Materials:

Student Information Letter

Trial Academy Student Schedule

Student Assignments 2019

Trial Academy Faculty and Student Groups

Meet Your Trial Academy Faculty

Using the Internet on Campus

Stanford Summer Resources - Summer 2019

Munger Front Desk Flyer

Area Restaurant Guide

Summer Cafes

Campus Map

Munger Graduate Residence Map

Taxi Information

Trial Problems:

Faculty Hypothetical (Product Liability – Personal Injury Case)
David Otis Wilson and Debra B. Wilson v. The Roe Chemical Company, Inc.

Student Hypothetical (Wrongful Discharge)
Gorman v. Sterling & Morgan

Student Hypothetical (Automobile Accident – Head Injury)
Hertz v. Aycup

Reference Papers:

Voir Dire: The Rejection Process
William M. Dalehite, Jr.

Opening Statement: The Art of Storytelling
Cathy Havener Greer

Direct Talk about Direct Examinations
James A. O'Neal

A Field Guide to the Care and Feeding of Experts: Direct Examanination
Daniel J. Scully, Jr.

Cross-Examination of an Expert
Joseph E. O’Neil, George J. Lavin, Jr., and Charles W. Babcock

Direct and Cross Examination of an Economist
Stephen F. McKinney

Cross-Examination of a Medical Expert
Lori G. Cohen

Closing Argument
William C. Cleveland

Preserving the Record for Appeal
Shaun McParland Baldwin

Use of Technology in the Courtroom
Robert C. Manlowe, Jenny Guidi, and Adam D. Bloomberg

Big E . . . little e: Ethics and the Trial Lawyer
Mark S. Olson